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Missoula, Montana
United States
ChannelsDigital: 7 (VHF)
Virtual: 8
BrandingKPAX 8 (general)
Missoula/Flathead CW 8.2
MTN News (newscasts)
SloganMontana's News Leader
Affiliations8.1: CBS (1970–1976, 1984–present)/MTN
8.2: CW+
8.3: Grit (O&O)
8.4: Ion Television (O&O)
8.5: Court TV (O&O)
OwnerE. W. Scripps Company
(Scripps Broadcasting Holdings LLC)
First air date
1970 (51 years ago) (1970)[1]
Former channel number(s)
8 (VHF, 1970–2009)
ABC (1970–1991; secondary 1970–1976 and 1984–1990)
Technical information
Licensing authority
Facility ID35455
ERP22.5 kW
HAAT653.5 m (2,144 ft)
Transmitter coordinates47°1′2.1″N 114°0′50.5″W / 47.017250°N 114.014028°W / 47.017250; -114.014028
Public license information
Semi-satellite of KPAX-TV
Kalispell, Montana
United States
ChannelsDigital: 18 (UHF)
Virtual: 18
BrandingKAJ 18 (general)
MTN News (newscasts)
Slogansee KPAX-TV infobox
Affiliations18.1: CBS/MTN
18.2: CW+
18.3: Grit (O&O)
18.4: Ion Television (O&O)
18.5: Court TV (O&O)
OwnerE. W. Scripps Company
(Scripps Broadcasting Holdings LLC)
First air date
1982 (39 years ago) (1982)
Former call signs
K18AJ (1982–2011)
KAJJ-CA (2011–2012)
Former channel number(s)
18 (UHF, 1985–2012)
39 (UHF, 2012–2018)
Technical information
Licensing authority
Facility ID35453
ERP9.55 kW
HAAT805 m (2,641 ft)
Transmitter coordinates48°8′48″N 114°21′58″W / 48.14667°N 114.36611°W / 48.14667; -114.36611
Public license information

KPAX-TV, virtual channel 8 (VHF digital channel 7), is a dual CBS/CW+-affiliated television station licensed to Missoula, Montana, United States. Owned by the E. W. Scripps Company, it is part of the Montana Television Network, a statewide network of CBS-affiliated stations. KPAX-TV's studios are located on West Central Avenue in Missoula, and its transmitter is located on TV Mountain north of the city.

KAJJ-CD (virtual and UHF digital channel 18) in Kalispell operates as a low-powered, Class A semi-satellite of KPAX-TV; known on-air as KAJ, it broadcasts the same schedule as KPAX, but with local commercials and news segments. To comply with the requirements of its Class A license, KAJJ also produces its own weeknight 5:30 and 10 p.m. newscasts with a separate anchor, which premiered in 2010.


Channel 8 signed on for the first time in 1970 as a semi-satellite of KXLF-TV in Butte. The station was originally owned by Garryowen Corporation, controlled by Joe Sample, as part of the Montana Television Network.[2] In 1977, KPAX opened a new studio on Regent Street in Missoula and severed the electronic umbilical cord with Butte.

For most of its existence, KPAX-TV has been a primary CBS affiliate.[3] However, it shared ABC with KGVO-TV (channel 13, now KECI-TV)[3] until 1976, when KPAX, along with KXLF-TV, upgraded ABC to a primary affiliation,[4] relegating CBS to a secondary affiliation shared with KGVO.[5] KPAX returned to CBS in 1984,[6] and continued to air ABC in off-hours (shared with KECI) until KTMF (channel 23) signed on in 1990.

In 1984, Sample sold the MTN stations to SJL, Inc. for $20 million.[7] SJL, in turn, sold KPAX-TV, KXLF-TV, and KRTV in Great Falls to Evening Post Publishing Company, through its Cordillera Communications subsidiary, for $24 million in 1986.[8]

KAJJ was established in 1984[9] as K18AJ. Its original owner, Telecrafter Broadcasting Corporation (whose principals, Thomas A. Curtis and Daniel W. Coon, were stockholders in KOUS-TV in Billings and KYUS-TV in Miles City[10]), sold K18AJ to Cordillera in 1988.[11] It became KAJJ-CA in 2011, and KAJJ-CD in 2012.

Digital television[edit]

Digital channels[edit]

The station's digital signal is multiplexed:

Channel Video Aspect PSIP Short Name Programming[12][13]
8.1 1080i 16:9 KPAX-DT Main KPAX-TV programming / CBS
8.2 720p KPAX-CW CW 8.2
8.3 480i GRIT-TV Grit
8.4 ION TV Ion Television
8.5 Court TV

Analog-to-digital conversion[edit]

KPAX-TV shut down its analog signal, over VHF channel 8, on June 12, 2009, the official date in which full-power television stations in the United States transitioned from analog to digital broadcasts under federal mandate.[14] The station's digital signal remained on its pre-transition VHF channel 7.[15] Through the use of PSIP, digital television receivers display the station's virtual channel as its former VHF analog channel 8.

Previous logo until early late-2020.

Notable former on-air staff[edit]



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