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KPM Musichouse is a company which provides library music, formed by the merger of KPM (then a division of EMI) and Musichouse (a company which EMI acquired in 1997).[1]


KPM music has been used in many films and television programmes worldwide. KPM's origins lie in Britain with Robert Keith's music shop which was set up in 1780.[2]

The music written by KPM's composers was intended for use as signature tunes or incidental music in film and television. [3] Notable examples include the theme tunes for Mastermind, ITV News At Ten, Monday Night Football and Whicker's World.

In the United States, KPM is represented by APM Music.

KPM Musichouse rebranded to EMI Production Music in 2011.[4] EMI, the former multinational, no longer exists. EMI Production Music is now part of Sony/ATV Music Publishing.[5]


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