Central Election Commission (Albania)

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Central Election Commission, Albania
Komisioni Qendror i Zgjedhjeve
Komisioni Qendror i Zgjedhjeve.svg
KQZ Logo
Agency overview
Formed10 June 2000 (2000-06-10)
HeadquartersTirana, Albania
Agency executive

The Central Election Commission (Albanian: Komisioni Qendror i Zgjedhjeve), commonly abbreviated in Albanian as KQZ, is a permanent, non-independent partisan statutory agency responsible for conducting parliamentary and local elections in the Republic of Albania. The Commission, which overlooks the local election commissions in the country[2] is made up of 7 party affiliated members representing the distribution of seats in the Albanian Assembly.[3]


No. Name Term in office
1 Fotaq Nano 10 June 2000 26 January 2001
2 Ilirjan Celibashi 10 February 2001 April 2006
3 Çlirim Gjata April 2006 2 February 2009
4 Arben Ristani 2 February 2009 3 September 2012
5 Lefterie Lleshi 11 October 2012 20 September 2016
6 Denar Biba 3 November 2016 20 May 2017
7 Klement Zguri 22 May 2017 Incumbent