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KRDC icon.svg
Krdc 20070608 1.png
Screenshot of KRDC
Developer(s) Urs Wolfer and others
Operating system Cross-platform
Type Remote Desktop Software
License GNU General Public License
Website KRDC web page

KRDC (KDE Remote Desktop Connection) is an application software, particularly a remote desktop client of the KDE Software Compilation.

Both the Virtual Network Computing (VNC) and Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) protocols are supported, so Unix-like and Windows PC can be accessed using this software. As part of the GSoC, project developers helped make Libvncserver compile on Windows platforms, allowing for a port to Windows.

Improvements during SoC 2007[edit]

KRDC was overhauled as part of the Google Summer of Code (SoC) 2007 by Urs Wolfer and other developers to be included in the KDE 4.0[citation needed]. An overhaul was needed as KRDC development had slowed to a stop as it had no active maintainer for several years.


  • VNC part rewritten to depend on the Libvncclient (part of the libvncserver package) library
  • Tabbed UI
  • Port for Windows
  • Full screen mode
  • Better integration into KDE Plasma desktop[1]
  • Cleaned up code to be more maintainable

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