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The KROK International Animated Films Festival is an annual international animation film festival, and one of the main animation festivals in the territory of the former Soviet Union.[1] It is held in Russia on even years and in Ukraine on odd years. The festival takes place over the course of 12 days between September and October on the cruise ship Taras Shevchenko. When in Russia, it cruises along the Volga, and when in Ukraine it cruises along the Dnieper and the Black Sea.[2]

The festival's history began at the 1987, perestroika-era Moscow International Film Festival, where it was decided to create separate contests for documentary, children's and animated films.

In 1989, the festival was first held as a separate event. The name "KROK" was thought up by Garri Bardin and means "step" in Ukrainian.

In 1991, with the dissolution of the Soviet Union, it was decided to make the festival international and it was held on a cruise ship for the first time.

As well as the competitive categories, the festival also features other animation screenings, events, and lectures. It is often attended by the top animators and directors of animation of the region.[3][4][5]

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