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KSEX, also known as, KSEXradio, was an online radio station whose programming was about pornography, the adult industry, and other sexual topics, it was one of the only adult Internet radio stations specializing in news and current events in the United States pornography industry. The current company is a successor to the original broadcaster. The name is an imitation of the four-letter call signs used by U.S. radio stations; those beginning with K- are located in the west of the country.

Original radio company[edit]

The original KSEX included a variety of broadcast radio programs hosted by various "PJs", mostly established porn stars. KSEXradio was purchased by Ultimate Entertainment Group (UEG) in 2006. On February 4, 2008, KSEX was shut down.[1]



In April 2008, adult entertainment site Rude.com acquired the KSEX studio space and some of its crew, and launched RudeTV as an adult internet television channel with programming similar to KSEX. Several new shows were added to the lineup, such as Ink Addicts, a tattoo speciality focused program. Rude TV ceased operations in 2009.[2]

KSEX Radio II[edit]

A direct successor program was developed using the original URL which rebroadcasts the original programs as well as some new broadcasts. But the amount of new content is very limited compared to the original company's amount and broadcasts are only part-time during the regular week with no weekend broadcasts at all. No new content has been added since 2011.


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