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KS Lublinianka SSA
Full name Klub Sportowy Lublinianka Sportowa Spółka Akcyjna
Nickname(s) Wojskowi
Founded 1921
Ground Arena Lublin
Lublin, Poland
Ground Capacity 15,500
Chairman Krzysztof Gil
Manager Marek Sadowski
League IV Liga
2015/2016 9th place (relegated)

KS Lublinianka is a professional Polish football (soccer) club based in Lublin. It was founded in 1921 as WKS Lublin (Wojskowy Klub Sportowy Lublin, English: Military Sports Club) and was supported by the Lublin garrison of the Polish Army. In 1923 WKS Lublin was renamed to Klub Sportowy Lublinianka. In 1938 the club won the Football Junior Championships of Poland. Heretofore they spent 11 seasons in the Polish First League and in the season 1969/1970 season they reached the quarterfinals of the Polish Cup. Lublinianka currently plays in the Polish Third League.

Lublinianka is the oldest sports organization in the city of Lublin, and one of the oldest in the region. It continues the traditions of pre-1939 Wojskowy Klub Sportowy (Military Sports Club) Unia Lublin. The origins of Lublinianka date back to 1921. At that time, it had two departments: football, and track and field. In 1923, the organization split into WKS Lublin and KS Lublinianka, to be reunited in 1927 as WKS Unia.


  • 1921 Wojskowy Klub Sportowy Lublin,
  • 1923 Klub Sportowy Lublinianka,
  • 1926 Wojskowy Klub Sportowy Unia Lublin,
  • 1944 Wojskowy Klub Sportowy Lublinianka,
  • 1950 Ogniwo Wojskowy Klub Sportowy Lublin,
  • 1953 Garnizonowy Wojskowy Klub Sportowy Lublin,
  • 1954 Ogniwo Lublin,
  • 1955 Wojskowy Klub Sportowy Lublinianka,
  • 1994 Klub Sportowy Lublinianka,
  • 2002 Klub Sportowy Lublinianka Sportowa Spółka Akcyjna,
  • 2011 Klub Sportowy Lublinianka – Wieniawa,
  • 2013 Klub Sportowy Lublinianka


  • summer 1921. Wojskowy Klub Sportowy (WKS, Military Sports Club) Lublin is formed by Colonel Felicjan Sterba of the Polish Army,
  • 1923. Reserve team of WKS Lublin forms Klub Sportowy Lublinianka (KSL),
  • 1924. Lublinianka wins regional championship of A Class,
  • 1925 – Lublinianka qualifies to national championship playoffs, losing to the champion, Pogon Lwow,
  • 1926 – Lublinianka qualifies to national championship playoffs, losing to Pogon Lwow and Cracovia. As a result of these failures, Lublinianka merges with WKS Lublin, forming WKS Unia,
  • 1927, 1928, 1930 – Unia wins regional championship, but fails to qualify to the Ekstraklasa,
  • 1938 – U-19 team of Unia wins the championship of Poland. In the final game (June 4, 1939), it beats Wisla Krakow 3–2,
  • 1944 – end of German occupation of Lublin, and return of WKS Lublinianka,
  • 1946 – WKS Lublinianka wins regional championship,
  • 1949 – Lublinianka qualifies to the Second Division, finishing the season in the second spot, after Garbarnia Krakow,
  • 1950 – the organization changes the name into Ogniwo Wojskowy Klub Sportowy (OWKS) Lublin,
  • 1951 – OWKS Lublin finishes second in the Second League, behind Gwardia Warszawa, to be relegated to the Third Division in 1953,
  • 1953 – the third level of Polish football system is reorganized. The so-called Inter-Voivodeship Leagues are created. OWKS Lublin is renamed into GWKS Lublin (Garnizonowy Wojskowy Klub Sportowy),
  • 1955 – Ogniwo Lublin is renamed into Lublinianka,
  • 1957, 1958 – Lublinianka wins the regional championship
  • 1960 – after winning the regional championship, WKS Unia qualifies to the Second Division playoffs. It beats Lotnik Warszawa and Gwardia Bialystok, to face Hutnik Krakow, Arka Gdynia, Gornik Walbrzych, AKS Chorzow, and Górnik Konin. Final game of the competition (November 1960, vs. Gornik Walbrzych) is attended by 20 000. WKS Unia wins 2–0. Soon afterwards, WKS Lublinianka and WKS Unia merge into WKS Lublinianka,
  • 1961 – Lublinianka is relegated back to the third level. The U-19 team wins bronze medal in Polish Championships,
  • 1961/1962 – Lublinianka loses the playoffs to the local rival, Motor Lublin,
  • 1963 – Kazimierz Gorski becomes the manager of Lublinianka. The team wins promotion to the second division, to remain there until 1965,
  • 1969 – the U-19 team wins silver in the Championship of Poland,
  • 1969/1970 – Lublinianka reaches the quarterfinals of the Polish Cup, to be eliminated by Gornik Zabrze (1–1 in Lublin, 2–5 in Zabrze),
  • 1972/1973 – Lublinianka again reaches the quarterfinals of the Polish Cup, to be eliminated by Legia Warszawa (0–0, 1–5). In June 1973, Lublinianka returns to the second division, to be relegated after one year,
  • 1982/1983, 1994/1995, 1995/1996 – Lublinianka plays in the Second Division, to be relegated after one year.

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