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Founded 2008(spin-off from KT)
Headquarters Seoul, South Korea
Products IT services
Slogan Smart ICT Partner
Website www.ktds.com

KTDS CO., LTD.(Korean: (주)케이티디에스) specializes in providing IT services for maximizing customer value based on years of experience and know-how in building information systems for KT. KTDS continues to create new IT services and develop human resources.

Since 1974 when the first information system for communication infrastructure was implemented in Korea, KTDS has made a significant growth by building a wide variety of systems including process automation for customer information and payment system.

KTDS has built a good corporate image as a reliable company through rapid technology development and continued efforts in human resources development.

Business Areas[edit]


  • Quality/Security Consulting
  • IT Strategy Consulting (ISP)
  • Process Improvement Consulting


  • IT Outsourcing
  • Business Process Outsourcing


  • IT Infra (H/W, S/W, etc.)Supply/Installation/Integration/Mgt.
  • Client System Development

NI/IT Infra Supply

  • N/W Design/Construction/Operation
  • N/W Equipment Supply
  • Purchase IT Infra(H/W, S/W, N/W)


  • Nov. 1974 Established Electronic Computing Center, Ministry of Postal Service
  • Dec. 1981 Established Korea Telecom
  • Jan. 1982 Established KT Computing Center
  • Jan. 1997 Established Korea Telecom Freetel(KTF)
  • Jan. 1998 Established Information System Department
  • Dec. 2001 Renamed to KT (Old : Korea Telecom)
  • Jun. 2002 Built KT Customer Integration System (ICIS)
  • Sept. 2003 Built KT Corporate Resources Management System
  • Nov. 2004 Built KT Corporate Information Infrastructure System (EDW)
  • May 2005 Built KT General Network Management System (NeOSS)
  • Nov. 2006 Obtained ISO20000 Certification for all the IT services for the first time in the Korean IT industry (KTF)
  • Dec. 2006 Obtained CMMI Level 4 Certification for CRM in Information System (KTF)
  • Mar. 2007 Built a system for the world’s first nationwide HSDPA service (KTF)
  • Aug. 2007 Obtained CMMI Level 5 Certification (KT)
  • Nov. 2007 Opened an international roaming payment system (KTF)
  • Nov. 2007 Obtained ISO20000 certification for IT service (KT)
  • Jan. 2008 Upgraded WIBRO marketing system (implemented new pay plan, FBDP INMARSAT, etc.…)
  • Feb. 2008 KT PC-DRM process conversion
  • Mar. 2008 Improved the performance of the network statistics management system (NetIS)(upgraded WIBRO statistical data, log, etc.…)
  • Jul. 2008 Signed an IT process commissioning contract (KT)
  • Aug. 2008 KT DataSystems Established.
  • Sept. 2008 1st Open Employment Application (New/Experienced)
  • Sept. 2008 Signed an IT process commissioning contract (KTF)
  • Oct. 2008 Employees’ One Heart Sports Event (KT/KTF SM)
  • Dec. 2008 Built Korea’s largest IPCC(Internet Protocol Contact Center)(KT Gunpo Customer Center)
  • Dec. 2008 Built KT Corporate Statistical Integration Portal (Marketing Mart)
  • Dec. 2008 Built and implemented a new concept KT SEM (Stragegy Execution Mechanism)(Widget)
  • Mar. 2009 Built a system to apply the KT ERP IFRS(International Financial Reporting Standards)
  • Mar. 2009 Launched KTCCware
  • Apr. 2009 Launched KT’s cloud storage service, “Ucloud” service
  • Jun. 2009 Business conversion following the merge between KT and KTF
  • Jun. 2009 Won the High Tech Award in the area of intellectutal property
  • Jun. 2009 Built KTH IFRS
  • Jun. 2009 Built a customer service center for KT MUSIC
  • Jul. 2009 Renamed to KTDS
  • Sept. 2009 Built an ERP/Groupware system for KT ITS
  • Oct. 2009 Built a greenhouse gas inventory for KT Asset Management Center
  • Oct. 2009 Built an electronic tax statement system for KT Rental
  • Nov. 2009 Won the Korea S/W Technology Award(KT ERP IFRS System Construction: Joint Winner with KT)
  • Nov. 2009 Signed KT IVVR Reseller Contract
  • Nov. 2009 Upgraded business computer system and built IFRS for KT telecop
  • Nov. 2009 Built KTH PMS
  • Dec. 2009 KT Linkus, KTCS ITO process commissioning contract

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