KTEL (Greece)

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Pirgos autobusove nadrazi.jpg
KTEL bus station in Pyrgos
HeadquartersAthens, Greece
Service areaGreece
Service typeIntercity coach service

KTEL (Greek: Κοινά Ταμεία Εισπράξεων Λεωφορείων, "Common Funds of Bus Proceeds") is the main intercity public transport bus service in Greece. It is a cooperation of 62 regional bus companies, usually named after the regional unit they serve, e.g. KTEL Imathias for Imathia. KTEL was founded in 1952.[1]

The KTEL companies provide 80% of all passenger transportation in Greece.[1] Interregional transport, e.g. to Athens, is provided by most of the KTEL companies.[2]

Urban KTEL[edit]

Local KTEL companies provide service to the cities and villages of the local regional unit.


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