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KT Rolster
KT Rolster logo.png
LocationSouth Korea
ManagerKang "H.O.T-Forever" Doh Gyung (SC2)
Lee Ji-hoon (LoL)
Oronamin C
Pocari Sweat
WebsiteKT Sports e-Sports

KT Rolster is a South Korean multi-gaming organization founded in 1999 with Korean Telecom as the head sponsor. A member of the Korean e-Sports Association, KT Rolster holds one of the richest and most successful StarCraft teams in the world, as well as one of the most successful League of Legends teams in Korea. The StarCraft team has fielded several legendary players throughout the pro-gaming scenes of StarCraft: Brood War and StarCraft II, such as Flash, Nal rA, YellOw, NaDa, NesTea, Reach, Life, TY and Zest.


When the organization was created in 1999 it consisted solely of a StarCraft team which was named KTF n016 Progame Team after the head sponsor, Korean Telecom Freetel.[1] In 2001 the team was renamed KTF MagicNs. When the sponsor merged with Korean Telecom the gaming-organization subsequently went through several name changes and eventually ended up as KT Rolster (short for "Roller Coaster") in August 2009. The team transitioned to Starcraft II during the hybrid 2011-2012 Proleague Season 2.[2]

In October 2012, KT Rolster added two League of Legends teams with members from teams NaJin Shield and the recently disbanded StarTale.[3]

KT Rolster reached the Quarter-Finals of the 2015 League of Legends World Championship in 2015.

Major tournament results[edit]

StarCraft/StarCraft 2[edit]

  • 2009-2010 Shinhan Bank StarCraft Proleague Champions
  • 2010-2011 Shinhan Bank StarCraft Proleague Champions
  • 2014 SK Telecom StarCraft II Proleague Champions

League of Legends[edit]


  • HOT6iX Champions Summer 2014 Champions


Merged Team[edit]

Player Rosters[edit]

StarCraft II[edit]


  • Jung Ji-hoon (jjakji)
  • Jun Tae-yang (TY)


  • Choi Sung-il (Trust)
  • Joo Sung-wook (Zest)
  • Kim Dae-yeob (Stats)


  • Hwang Kang-ho (Losira)
  • Lee Dong-nyoung (Leenock)

League of Legends[edit]

ID Position Player
Smeb Top Song Kyung-ho (송경호)
Kingen Top Hwang Seong-hoon (황성훈)
Score Jungle Go Dong-bin (고동빈)
Umti Jungle Eom Seong-hyeon (엄성현)
Bdd Mid Gwak Bo-seong (곽보성)
Gango AD Byun Se-hoon (변세훈)
Snowflower Support No Hoi-jong (노회종)
Mia Support Choi Sang-in (최상인)
ZanDarc Head Coach Oh Chang-jong (오창종)
AnimalDax Coach Jung Je-seung (정제승)
S0NSTAR Coach Son Seung-ik (손승익)


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Awards and achievements
Preceded by
Samsung Galaxy Blue
League of Legends Champions Korea winner
Summer 2014
Succeeded by
SK Telecom T1
Preceded by
CJ Entus Blaze
Intel Extreme Masters World Championship winner
Season VIII (2014)
Succeeded by
Team SoloMid