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KUD Idijoti at KST in Belgrade, February 2009.

KUD Idijoti was a punk-rock band from Pula, Croatia. The name of the band translates to Cultural Artistic Society "Idiots" The word Idijoti is deliberately spelled wrong, the correct Croatian form of the word is idioti. Also note that 'KUD' means 'Kulturno umjetničko društvo', widely used for mostly folkore groups with very socialistic-traditional touch.


The band was formed 1981 and released the first album in 1986. In 1987 they won the Youth Festival prize in Subotica in competition with over 300 bands and became one of the most popular bands on the punk scene of the former Yugoslavia. After winning the first prize they have gained wider popularity giving performances in Switzerland, Germany, Hungary and Italy. Particularly in Italy in Reggio Calabria, the festival of Mediterranean countries almost turned out in an international incident, after carabinieri stopped the song Bandiera Rossa.

Their first album, "Bolivia R'N'R", compilation of the first three singles and three previously unreleased songs, was published in January 1990 by the independent German record label "Incognito Records." In May of the same year they published the next album "Mi smo ovdje samo zbog para" (We're Only in It for the Money), which until now has remained their biggest seller. Due to the breakup of Yugoslavia, there was briefly delayed the release of their third album, "Glupost je neuništiva" (Stupidity is indestructible), which was released at the end of the 1992. Next year they published album "Tako je govorio Zaratusta" (Thus Spoke Zaratusta), which was also their first album was released on CD. It is found on one of the most famous songs: "Za tebe" (For You), and "O Bella Ciao".

In 1994. the band went on tour in Germany, Switzerland and Macedonia, and they performed at Eurowoodstock in Budapest. Especially distinguished was the concert and 10 October of the same year in Ljubljana's Tivoli Hall, where the KUD Idijoti played as the opening act for the famous RAMONES.

The following year released a CD "Istra ti materina" (wordplay of a very common curse and Mother Istra) in collaboration with the Pula composition band Gori Ussi Winnetou. Immediately after releasing the album, Radio Pazin was banned because of his performance of "Turbo Cattolica" which mentions pazin Inquisitor. Composition, which had previously been banned and censored, the same thing happened after the interview in the weekly "Feral Tribune", after which they were banned in Pula, the regional newspaper "Glas Istre".

Nevertheless, the composition of the 1995 "Megapunk" released album, and a year later the EP "Fuck". Megapunk and Fuck gained the local positive reviews, and good reviews in the U.S. "MR'n'R" in-and German-Ox. In early 1997. band signed to record label Dancing Bear, and released the album "Cijena ponosa" (Price of pride). End 1999, they published "Gratis hits live", the album with appearances in club Uljanik Pula, on the occasion of his 18th birthday. KUD dijoti remained popular in other countries of the former Yugoslavia, and have performed in Belgrade, Novi Sad and Skopje.

"Remek djelo" (Masterpiece), their last album, KUD Idijoti published in 2001, and for the song "Bye bye baby" they recorded video. Also, as part of promoting the album, the band went on tour.

Apart from Franci Blašković, band members have collaborated with Peter Lovšin, singer of the Slovenian punk band Pankrti, Šajeta and Hladno pivo.

In 2011, Singer Branko Črnac "Tusta" was diagnosed with lung and throat cancer, and announces that the composition stops working actively. A number of humanitarian concerts were organised which were raised funds to help in the treatment, however Tusta as a result of the disease died 14 October 2012 at the age of 57.

A few days after his death, guitarist and founder of KUD Idijoti, Sale Veruda, declares that the Tusta died and KUD Idijoti cease to exist.

Band Members[1][edit]

  • Branko Črnac Tusta - vocals
  • Sale Veruda - guitar, backing vocals
  • Bucolini - bass and backing vocals
  • Dejo - drums

Former Band Members[1][edit]

  • Dr. Fric - bass and backing vocals
  • Ptica - drums


  • Legendarni u živo (1986)
  • Bolje izdati ploču nego prijatelja (1987)
  • Lutke na koncu (1987)
  • Hoćemo cenzuru (1988)
  • Live in Biel (1988)
  • Bolivia R'n'R (1989)
  • Mi smo ovdje samo zbog para (1990)
  • Đuro was sold out (1991)
  • Glupost je neuništiva (1992)
  • Tako je govorio Zaratusta (1993)
  • Istra ti materina (1995)
  • Megapunk (1995)
  • Fuck (1996)
  • Single collection vol 1 (1997)
  • Cijena ponosa (1997)
  • Gratis hits live! (1999)
  • Remek-djelo (2001)
  • Tako je govorio Zaratusta (2002)

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