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Moscow is located in USA West
Location in the western United States
City Moscow, Idaho, U.S.
Broadcast area The Palouse
North Central Idaho
Branding KUOI FM Moscow
Frequency 89.3 MHz (1968–present)
 660 kHz (formerly)
First air date November 12, 1945
Format College radio
ERP 400 watts
HAAT -35 meters
Class A
Facility ID 69362
Callsign meaning University OIdaho
Owner Associated Students of the University of Idaho (ASUI)
Website kuoi.org

KUOI-FM (89.3 FM) is a freeform, college radio station in the western United States at the University of Idaho in Moscow, Idaho. It broadcasts in Moscow, the neighboring city Pullman, Washington, and in other townships on the Palouse. KUOI is headquartered in the third floor of the Student Union Building at Sixth and Deakin streets, on the northeast edge of campus.

The station began operating 72 years ago in 1945,[1][2] and began FM programming 23 years later in 1968, officially starting on Sunday, November 17.[3][4]

Starting on the AM dial in 1945 at 655 kHz with a two-watt transmitter, it moved to 660 in 1947 at five watts; with the move to FM, it went to ten watts in 1968 at 89.3 MHz.[5] It boosted up to fifty watts and stereo in 1977,[6][7] and to 400 watts in January 1995.[5][8]

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Coordinates: 46°43′44″N 117°00′26″W / 46.7288°N 117.0073°W / 46.7288; -117.0073