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Burial site of Unknown
KV27 is located in Egypt
Coordinates25°44′23.1″N 32°36′11.2″E / 25.739750°N 32.603111°E / 25.739750; 32.603111Coordinates: 25°44′23.1″N 32°36′11.2″E / 25.739750°N 32.603111°E / 25.739750; 32.603111
LocationEast Valley of the Kings
Discoveredbefore 1832
Excavated byDonald P. Ryan
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Tomb KV27 is located in the Valley of the Kings in Egypt. This tomb was visited by John Wilkinson, but was not fully explored until 1990, by Donald P. Ryan of Pacific Lutheran University. The tomb is undecorated, and nothing is known about its occupant or occupants.

Isometric, plan and elevation images of KV27 taken from a 3d model


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