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Burial site of Unknown
KV28 is located in Egypt
Coordinates 25°44′23.3″N 32°36′11.3″E / 25.739806°N 32.603139°E / 25.739806; 32.603139Coordinates: 25°44′23.3″N 32°36′11.3″E / 25.739806°N 32.603139°E / 25.739806; 32.603139
Location East Valley of the Kings
Discovered Before 1832
Excavated by Donald P. Ryan
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Tomb KV28 is located in the Valley of the Kings, in Egypt. It was first excavated by persons unknown, and the recent excavations by Donald P. Ryan have found a large number of damaged items from two individuals, possibly nobles of the nearby tomb of Thutmose IV.

Isometric, plan and elevation images of KV28 taken from a 3d model


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