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Burial site of Amenhotep I
KV39 is located in Egypt
Coordinates 25°44′11″N 32°36′02″E / 25.73639°N 32.60056°E / 25.73639; 32.60056Coordinates: 25°44′11″N 32°36′02″E / 25.73639°N 32.60056°E / 25.73639; 32.60056
Location East Valley of the Kings
Discovered 1899
Excavated by Victor Loret
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Tomb KV39 in Egypt's Valley of the Kings is one of the possible locations of the tomb of Pharaoh Amenhotep I. It is located high in the cliffs, away from the main valley bottom and other royal burials. It is located in a small wadi that runs from the east side of Al-Qurn, directly under the ridge where the village de repos (workman's rest area) lies.

Not only is the location unusual, the layout of the tomb is unique as well. It has two axes, one east and one south. It was discovered by Macarious and Andraos, who were working for Victor Loret, but not fully examined. When excavated and re-examined in the 1990s by John Rose, dockets for Thutmose I, Amenhotep I, and possibly Thutmose II were found. The site was further examined in 2002 by Ian Buckley; his team corrected the rough plan and recovered pottery shards for later examination.[1]

Isometric, plan and elevation images of KV39 taken from a 3d model

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Another possible location of the tomb of Amenhotep I's tomb is Tomb ANB.

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