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Burial site of Hatshepsut-Meryetre
KV42 is located in Egypt
Coordinates 25°44′17.1″N 32°36′02.6″E / 25.738083°N 32.600722°E / 25.738083; 32.600722Coordinates: 25°44′17.1″N 32°36′02.6″E / 25.738083°N 32.600722°E / 25.738083; 32.600722
Location East Valley of the Kings
Discovered 9 December 1900?
Excavated by Victor Loret
Howard Carter
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Tomb KV42 is an ancient Egyptian tomb located in the Valley of the Kings in Egypt. It was constructed for Hatshepsut-Meryetre, the wife of Thutmose III, but she was not buried in the tomb. It was reused by Sennefer, a mayor of Thebes during the reign of Amenhotep II, and by several members of his family.[1] The tomb has a cartouche-shaped burial chamber, like other early Eighteenth Dynasty tombs.

Isometric, plan and elevation images of KV42 taken from a 3d model


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