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Founded1897; 121 years ago (1897)
ProductsAlcoholic beverages: Spirits and wine

KVINT (acronym for Kon’iaki, vina i napitki Tiraspol’ia ("divins, wines, and beverages of Tiraspol"[1])) is a winery and distillery based in Tiraspol, the administrative center of Transnistria. Founded in 1897, the company produced only vodka until 1938, when it began producing brandies.[2] It is the oldest still-operating commercial enterprise in the region. Locals consider KVINT a national treasure and a symbol of their country. Its factory is shown on the 5 Transnistrian ruble banknote.

KVINT is one of Transnistria's largest exporters, to Italy and China as well as Russia and Ukraine; its brandy has gone to the Vatican and into space.[3]

Transnistria lies east of the Dniester River, in the heart of the Bessarabian wine country. The grapes grown here are Cognac variety.[1] KVINT's award-winning Prince Wittgenstein brandy incorporates "Bianca, Aligoté, Pervenets of Magarach [Pervenet Magaracea], Riesling, Riton, Suruchensky White, Ugni Blanc, [and] Colombard" grapes.[4] The company also grows traditionally European red grapes, such as "Malbec, Ancelotti, Saperavi, Viognier, [and] Syrah (Shiraz)."[5]

The company was privatized in 2006 and is owned by the conglomerate Sheriff Ltd.[6] Bottles are labeled "Made in Moldova" because Transnistria, landlocked inside Moldova, is not recognized as a sovereign country and bottles must be printed with the name of a country of origin.[7][8] Its annual production is approximately ten million litres of alcoholic drinks. In 2014 its annual revenues were about $50 million, about 5% of Transnistria's GDP.[1]

KVINT obtained ISO 9001-94 certification in 2000 and ISO 9001-2000 in 2003. The factory is one of only a few enterprises in the former Soviet Union which can assure a kosher production process. Daily tours (conducted in Russian) are undertaken, and end with a sampling of six kinds of brandy.[9]


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