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Not to be confused with Air One.
Type Radio network
Country United States
Availability National, through radio stations and translators
Slogan "Positive Hits"
Owner Educational Media Foundation
Launch date
Webcast Listen Live
Official website

Air1 is a contemporary hit radio (CHR) Christian radio network in the United States, playing Contemporary Christian music. It is operated by the non-profit Educational Media Foundation and is syndicated on dozens of stations across 42 states[1] in cities including San Bernardino, San Diego, Houston, Dallas-Fort Worth, Seattle-Tacoma, Portland, Phoenix, Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Ventura, Thousand Oaks, Kansas City, Virginia Beach-Norfolk, Burlington, Jacksonville and portions of Los Angeles.


In 1986, KLRD began broadcasting Christian music from Yucaipa, California, and went by the on-air moniker K-LORD. In 1994, KXRD was started as a sister station to KLRD.[2] In 1995, K-LORD changed their name to "Air 1" and began broadcasting via satellite from St. Helens, Oregon. In 1999, Air 1 joined with EMF Broadcasting (the former name of KLA1 Foundation), and finally in 2002, it moved its headquarters to Rocklin, California. Air 1 makes use of broadcast translators to spread the signal across much of the country. As of November 2011, the network lists 90 full powered radio stations and 125 translators of various power levels reaching 40 states.

Air1 and its sister network, K-LOVE, are also available as Internet streams through the iHeartRadio website and mobile/console apps.

On-air staff[edit]

Current staff[edit]

The current on-air staff of Air1 includes Eric Calhoun and Heather Shelly in the morning,[3] Mandy Young in the late morning and early afternoon, Rahny Taylor in the afternoon, Josh Ashton in the evenings, and Cari Kates overnight.

The network's program director is Randy Chase with Cari Kates as the Assistant Program Director.

Former staff[edit]

  • Sean Copeland was formerly part of the Sean and Mandy show, which was discontinued on September 29, 2011. Copeland moved to the morning show on Indianapolis adult contemporary station WYXB.[4]
  • Coppelia Acevedo formerly occupied the midday time slot, and moved to Houston station KSBJ.[5]
  • Brant Hansen filled the afternoon time slot from 2011 to 2014, and resigned to take a job with Cure International start the Brant Hansen Show, a podcast that is syndicated on many Christian radio stations.[6]
  • Eric Allen - In early February 2015, Air1 announced Eric's departure from the morning show, and his co-host Mandy stated he was moving on to "bigger & better things". As of 2015, Eric is working for Cure International as their Radio Marketing Manager.[citation needed]
  • Brenda Price- On May 5, 2015 Air1 stated Brenda was no longer a part of Air1's DJ lineup. No reason was given for her sudden departure.[citation needed]

Board and financial information[edit]

Air1 is governed by the Educational Media Foundation (EMF), a 501(c)3 not-for-profit ministry. No individual owns any stock in the corporation, which is held for charitable purposes. The Board of Directors at large serve without compensation for rotating four-year terms, and a person with supervisory accounting experience holds one of the board positions.[18]

In addition, EMF is a member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA). Founded by Billy Graham, the ECFA oversees EMF's financial affairs, ethics and reporting standards.[citation needed]

EMF is recognized by Charity Navigator with a Four Star rating, the highest given to charities. In addition, EMF is audited yearly by an independent accounting firm, ensuring accuracy and completeness of its books and records.

Charity Navigator also reports K-LOVE's CEO Mike Novak's compensation was $463,420, including bonuses, in 2010.

Air 1 stations are licensed as NCE (non-commercial educational license) radio stations. Air 1's funding is provided by donations. The majority of donations are made during seasonal pledge drives (usually in the spring and in the fall).



Since 2003, Air 1 listeners can vote on their favorite songs in a process called Takeover.[7] The program was formerly known as Mixology and the Air 1 Music Lab.[8] Listeners register at and receive periodic e-mails surveying their opinions of current songs. Each song is rated from a scale of 1 to 5 and listeners indicate how often they would like to hear the song played. Air 1 then compiles the data collected and produces a weekly top song chart where listeners can hear a sample of the song, obtain its lyrics, or click a link to buy it online.

Takeover [9] is an interactive media space where Air 1 listeners tune-in and log-on every weeknight to[10] (11pm-2am Eastern and 8-11pm Pacific) to vote for the next song to be played on the radio, recommend new songs to be added to the potential play list. Most listeners who interact on the media page login with their Facebook accounts. Logging-in with a Facebook account gives the user greater value for their activity on the media page when they vote for the next song to be played on the radio.

To vote for a song on Takeover,[9] one simply has to click on the red or green arrows beside a song title. The green arrow facing upward indicates the ascension of a song up the play list. The red arrow facing downward indicates the descension of a song down the play list. The song at the top of the play list is the next song to be played on the radio. All those who voted for the song appear as a string of Facebook pictures at the top of the media page. On the right side of the page is a search bar that allows listeners to search for songs that they would like to recommend to be added to the play list. If a song cannot be found with the search bar, an option is given to the user to message the DJ. The regular host for Takeover [9] is Ashton. From 11pm-2am Eastern and 8-11pm Pacific, Takeover can be streamed from Air[11]

Air 1 yearly produces a top countdown from all of the top songs from that year. Past top songs have been:

These songs stay in rotation for occasional airplay on Air 1.


Air1 also airs a 30-minute, in-depth news report called Closer Look, once a week at 6:00pm PT, followed by local public affairs programming specific to each individual station. The Closer Look segment are made available as "click-able" reports on the news[12] portion of the website. Many of their daily news reports are available online the network's news page.

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