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For the airport in Yankton, South Dakota assigned ICAO code KYKN, see Chan Gurney Municipal Airport.
KYKN-AM logo.png
City Keizer, Oregon
Broadcast area Salem, Oregon
Branding 1430 KYKN
Slogan Salem is Listening
Frequency 1430 kHz
First air date 1951 (as KGAE)
Format News/Talk
Power 5,000 watts
Class B
Facility ID 72474
Transmitter coordinates 44°55′36″N 122°57′19″W / 44.92667°N 122.95528°W / 44.92667; -122.95528
Former callsigns KGAE (1951–1956)
KGAY (1956–1986)[1]
Affiliations Premiere Radio Networks, Westwood One
Owner Willamette Broadcasting Co.
Webcast Listen Live

KYKN (1430 AM) is a radio station licensed to serve Keizer, Oregon, United States. The station, established in 1951, is currently owned by the Willamette Broadcasting Company.


KYKN broadcasts a news/talk radio format to the Salem, Oregon, area that includes select programming from Premiere Radio Networks and Westwood One.[2] KYKN programs include the locally produced Gator's Radio Experience with Gator and Denise plus syndicated conservative-leaning talk shows hosted by Laura Ingraham, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Hugh Hewitt, and Dennis Prager.[3]

In addition to its regularly scheduled news and talk programming, KYKN also broadcasts University of Oregon Ducks football and men's basketball as a member of the Oregon Sports Network.[4] The station also airs National Basketball Association games as a member of the Portland Trail Blazers radio network.[5]


Launch as KGAE[edit]

This station began broadcasting in 1951 as KGAE with 1,000 watts of power, daytime-only, on a frequency of 1430 kHz.[6] The station, licensed to serve the city of Salem, Oregon, was owned by a partnership known as Allen, Truhan, & Clark with partner W. Gordon serving as president and general manager.[6] This partnership would be soon dissolved leading to a now-oft cited court case that went all the way to the Oregon Supreme Court.[7] As a result, Allen took control of the stations in 1952 with the broadcast license transferred to a new company called KGAE, Inc.[8] Allen remained president but Hal Davis took over the general manager duties.[8]

Change to KGAY[edit]

In 1956, the station's call sign was changed to KGAY and the name of the license holding company was changed to KGAY, Inc., with W. Gordon Allen still in control.[9] That same year, KGAY was authorized to increase the power of its broadcast signal to 5,000 watts although it was still restricted to daytime operation.[9]

After a succession of station managers through the 1950s, W. Gordon Allen resumed the general manager duties in 1959.[10] By this time Allen, who owned a two-third interest in flagship KGAY, had also acquired a 70% interest in KGAL in Lebanon, Oregon, and a 48% interest in KMAT in Winnsboro, Louisiana, as part of his W. Gordon Allen Stations group.[10]

After nearly a decade of ownership, W. Gordon Allen and KGAY, Inc., agreed to sell the station to a company known as Radio Wonderful Willametteland, Inc.[11] The deal was consummated on July 1, 1961.[11] Glen M. Stadler took the title of general manager while Robert Bruce was named station manager.[11] Stadler owned a one-third interest in KGAY, as did his partners Harry Rubenstein and Alex Dreier.[12] The three men also owned equal shares in KGAL in Lebanon, Oregon.[12] Stadler was the sole owner of KEED and KEED-FM in the Springfield-Eugene, Oregon, area.[12] By the end of the 1960s, KGAY, Inc., was wholly owned by Glen Stadler and his wife, Helen N. Stadler, who also served as vice president of the company.[13]

In 1968, the Stadlers announced their intention to retire from radio to "enter the academic field" and so they put KGAY up for sale.[14] They contracted to sell the station to Capitol Equities, Inc., for a reported cash price of $175,000.[14] The deal closed on August 15, 1968, and Donald H. Cushing took over as president of the company with Leslie J. Manning as general manager.[15][16] By 1970, the station was airing a pure country & western music format.[15] They would maintain this focus on country music throughout the 1970s.[17][18]

KYKN today[edit]

In April 1985, the station applied to the Federal Communications Commission to make major changes to their licensed operation: add nighttime service with 5,000 watts of power, add a directional antenna array to the new nighttime signal, and change the legal community of license from Salem to nearby Keizer, Oregon.[19] The FCC granted a new construction permit to authorize these changes on September 18, 1985,[19] and, after one extension, the station received its license to cover these changes on January 16, 1987.[20]

While these changes were underway, the station was assigned the KYKN call sign by the FCC on May 15, 1986.[1]

In April 1991, Capitol Equities Corporation reached an agreement to sell this station to Willamette Broadcasting Company, Inc. The deal was approved by the FCC on August 1, 1991, and the transaction was consummated on September 18, 1991.[21]

KYKN broadcast every game of the Salem-Keizer Volcanoes of minor league baseball's Northwest League from the team's launch in 1997 through the end of the 2007 season.[22][23] The station formerly broadcast the Major League Baseball games of the Seattle Mariners as part of the Seattle Mariners Radio Network but dropped that affiliation after the 2008 season.[24]


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