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K is the eleventh letter of the Latin alphabet.

K may also refer to:

General uses[edit]


In fiction and literature[edit]

In mathematics[edit]

In music[edit]

  • K, Köchel catalogue, chronological catalogue of compositions by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  • K Records, independent record company based in Olympia, Washington
  • K (album), 1996 album by Kula Shaker


In politics[edit]

As a symbol or abbreviation[edit]


  • k, symbol of the kilo- prefix in the SI and other systems of unit that denotes multiples of 1000
  • K, SI symbol for kelvin, the SI unit of thermodynamic temperature
  • K (upper case), informal abbreviation for kibibyte or 1024 bytes
  • k (lower case), informal abbreviation for kilobyte or 1000 bytes
  • k, kilobit (more correctly kbit)
  • k, informal abbreviation for kilometre (SI symbol: km)

In the natural sciences[edit]

In the physical sciences[edit]

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