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K1, K.I, K01, K 1 or K-1 can mean:


  • K1, another name for Masherbrum, a mountain in the Karakoram range in Pakistan
  • K1, a small town to north of Kirkuk city, Iraq
  • K1 (building), a high-rise building in Kraków, Poland





Road transport[edit]

Steam locomotives[edit]

Water transport[edit]

  • K1 Britannia, the replica of His Majesty's Yacht Britannia built in 1893 for Commodore Albert Edward, Prince of Wales
  • The class/racing number on HMY Britannia's main sail
  • K1, a canoe racing event under the International Canoe Federation

Other vehicles[edit]

  • K-1 (rocket), an aerospace vehicle under development by Rocketplane Kistler


United States government forms[edit]

  • K-1 visa, a United States immigration visa (also called the fiancé(e) visa)
  • Schedule K-1, a tax form of the United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS) corresponding with Form 1065 to report one's share of income in a flow-through entity


K. 1 can designate:


  • Family K1, a set of New Testament manuscripts
  • K1 or K-1, an abbreviation for kerosene heating fuel
  • K1, a Larcum Kendall marine chronometer (1769)
  • K-1, a kickboxing promotion
  • Haplogroup LT or K1, a Y-chromosome DNA haplogroup
  • K1, an alternative title for Kommune 1
  • k1, a coefficient that encapsulates process-related factors, limiting the minimum feature size in photolithography
  • K1 fund, a suspected German Ponzi-scheme
  • an abbreviation for KotOR 1
  • K1, a common name for the vitamin phylloquinone