Kaḏḏa Dâbali

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Kaḏḏa Dâbali Island
Seven Brothers Islands.png
Kaḏḏa Dâbali Island Map
LocationRed Sea
Coordinates12°28′16″N 43°25′48″E / 12.471°N 43.430°E / 12.471; 43.430Coordinates: 12°28′16″N 43°25′48″E / 12.471°N 43.430°E / 12.471; 43.430
ArchipelagoSeven Brothers
Highest elevation114 m (374 ft)

Kaḏḏa Dâbali Island, often called Big Island, is a rocky island off the coast of Obock Region of Djibouti.[1]


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