Kaaimans Rivier Pass

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Kaaimans River Pass
Christian Latrobe01.jpg
View of the Kaaimans River from the Mountain pass, by Christian Ignatius Latrobe, 1816.
Location Garden Route, Western Cape, South Africa
Coordinates 33°34′54″S 22°19′29″E / 33.58161°S 22.32464°E / -33.58161; 22.32464Coordinates: 33°34′54″S 22°19′29″E / 33.58161°S 22.32464°E / -33.58161; 22.32464
Topo map 3322
Kaaimans River Pass is located in South Africa
Kaaimans River Pass
Location of the Kaaimans River Pass

Kaaimans River Pass, is a mountain pass situated in the Western Cape Province of South Africa. It is located above the Kaaimans River on the road between George and Wilderness. The road of this pass, named the Seven Passes Road, was built by Thomas Charles John Bain and his brother-in-law, Adam de Smidt, in 1867, and was used for over one century.[1]

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