Kaali Ki Saugandh

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Kaali Ki Saugandh is a Hindi action film of Bollywood directed by Sabir Saikh and produced by Arif Tamboli. This film was released on 10 November 2000 in the banner of Zen Production.[1][2]


Thakur Gajraj is a very powerful and merciless person who terrorises a small town. Reshma, a village girl comes to stay there with her two brothers and mother. She takes a job of teacher in the town. When she tries to protest at his autocracy, Gajraj kills her brothers and frames a false murder charge on her. The local police also work for Gajraj. Reshma escapes from the prison and becomes a dacoit with the help of bandit leader Sultan. Now she wants to take revenge on Thakur and his team.



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