Karan District

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Country  Somalia
Region Banaadir
Time zone EAT (UTC+3)

Kaaraan District (Somali: Degmada Kaaraan) is a district in the southeastern Banaadir region of Somalia. One of the oldest districts in Mogadishu, it is bordered by Shibis District, Yaqshid District, Abdiaziz District, Huriwa District and the Indian Ocean.
Kaaraan is subdivided into six sub-districts: Jabuuti, Wajeer, Faanoole, Nageyle, Jamhuuriya and Arjantiin.
The Karan District local authority offices were rehabilitated in 2013, after they had been destroyed in fighting between African Union (AMISOM) troops and Al-Shabaab, a designated jihadist terrorist group.[1]


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Coordinates: 2°02′00″N 45°21′00″E / 2.0333°N 45.3500°E / 2.0333; 45.3500