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Kaba may refer to:

  • Ka'ba (Kaaba), the holiest place in Islam, a large cube-shaped building inside the al-Masjid al-Haram mosque in Mecca
  • Kaba, Hungary, a town in Hajdú-Bihar County, Hungary, which had a rare carbonaceous chondrite meteorite fall in 1857
  • Kaba, Kyrgyzstan, a village in Jalal-Abad Region
  • Kaba, Tibet, a village in Nagarze County, Shannan Prefecture
  • Kaba Town, northern suburb of Monrovia, Liberia
  • Kaba people, ethnic group of Guinea
  • Mount Kaba, a volcano in Indonesia about 6 kilometers southeast of the Rejang Lebong Regency in the Bengkulu province
  • Battle of Kaba, a battle in Fiji in 1855
  • Kaba (music), a genre of instrumental music from Albania
  • Kabah (Maya site) (Kaba), a Mayan archaeological site in Mexico
  • Kaba language, a Central Sudanic language
  • Kaba Modern, a street dance group on MTV's America's Best Dance Crew
  • Kaba Group, a Swiss security technology company
  • Gökhan Kaba, a Turkish footballer
  • Yağız Kaba, a Turkish basketball player
  • Kaba a cocoa drink (entry in German Wikipedia)

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