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Kabam Inc.
Type of businessPrivate
Key peopleSeungwon Lee (CEO)
Kevin Chou (Co-Founder)
Holly Liu (Co-Founder)
Michael Li (Co-Founder)
Wayne Chan (Co-Founder)
IndustryVideo game
RevenueIncrease 360 million
Employees170 (March 7th, 2017)

Kabam (formerly Watercooler, Inc.) is an interactive entertainment company founded in 2006 and headquartered in Vancouver, BC. with offices in Montréal, QC, San Francisco, CA and Austin, Texas. The company creates, develops and publishes massively multiplayer social games (MMSG’s) such as Marvel Contest of Champions and Transformers: Forged to Fight for mobile devices. Before expanding into gaming, Kabam established itself as a social applications' developer with entertainment and sports communities totaling more than 60 million users. Kabam markets freemium games for mobile devices, and social networking services. The company's previous investors included Alibaba, Canaan Partners, Google, MGM, Intel, Pinnacle Ventures, Redpoint Ventures, Warner Bros. and others.

The company has focused on developing "real games," or games with immersive gameplay mechanics akin to more traditional MMOs with an emphasis on the spending and gambling of virtual currency. In late 2009, Kabam launched Kingdoms of Camelot, one of the first successful strategy games on Facebook, but in June 2010, the number of players began constantly shrinking.[1]

As of April 2015, Kabam announced a shift in its focus to developing AAA mobile games.[2]


Kabam was founded in 2006 as Watercooler by Kevin Chou, Michael Li, Holly Liu, and Wayne Chan, the company started off focused on building community apps for sports and entertainment fans, amassing more than 25 million users on Facebook and other social networks.[3] In October 2009 Watercooler, secured $5.5 million in Series B funding from Betfair, the world’s largest Internet betting exchange, and Canaan Partners, which participated in the company’s Series A funding in 2007.[4] On November 2, 2009, Watercooler, launched Kingdoms of Camelot on Facebook.[5]

On August 3, 2010, Watercooler changed its name to Kabam.[6]

On September 19, 2012, CEO Kevin Chou announced that Kabam was considering an IPO.[7] A secondary stock sale was agreed at the end of 2013 which valued the company at $700 million, it was also announced at this time that four of its games – led by Kingdoms of Camelot – grossed more than $100 million, with $360 million in revenues for 2013.[8]

In June 2014, Kabam hired former EA Mobile VP Aaron Loeb as Senior Vice President of its North American Studios (San Francisco and Vancouver), while at EA Mobile he worked on The Simpsons: Tapped Out and Monopoly Slots, Kabam hoped he would provide a link to Hollywood Studios.[9] Also in June, Kabam shut down servers for The Hobbit: Armies of the Third Age.[10]

Alibaba announced in July 2014 that it planned to invest $120 million in Kabam, giving the company a $1 billion valuation. This allowed its games to be distributed through Alibaba's apps, including Mobile Taobao and the Laiwang messaging app.[11]

As of April 2015, Kabam is only focused on developing AAA mobile games. As a result, a number of Kabam games were shut down, older Kabam games transferred to other companies and Kabam support for third-party games decreased.[2]

On August 13, 2015, Machine Zone, maker of Game of War: Fire Age, sued Kabam for trade secret theft.[12] The conflict was resolved to both companies' satisfaction a month later on September 10.[13]

In September 2015, Kabam, Disney Interactive, Lucasfilm launch Star Wars: Uprising In September 2015, Nick Earl, president of worldwide studios, resigned. Mike Verdu was promoted to president of Kabam Studios and chief creative officer in charge of the publisher’s game design and game quality. Aaron Loeb was promoted to president of Kabam Studios and live services, in charge of service quality.[14]

On January 7, 2016, Kabam announced it had sold its legacy games and third party-published games to Chinese publisher GAEA Mobile.[15] As the downsizing in April 2015, Kabam shut down a number of older games that were not transferred.

On February 22, 2016, Kabam laid off 8 percent of its company workforce. Kevin Chou, Kabam's chief executive, said in an exclusive interview with GamesBeat that the company will focus on free-to-play massively multiplayer mobile games such as its current hits, Marvel: Contest of Champions and Star Wars: Uprising. That means Kabam will put less emphasis on single-player games such as Fast & Furious.[16]

On June 23, 2016, Kabam announced that they would be selling Realm of the Mad God to DECA Games.

In July 2016, Kabam announces that Marvel Contest of Champions hit $100 million in gross revenue in seven months, the fastest of any game in Kabam history (The Hobbit was next fastest at 13 months). In November 2016, Kabam appoints Jeff Howell to the newly created position, Chief Technology Officer.

In June 2016, Kabam partners with Lightstorm Entertainment and 20th Century Fox to Develop a Groundbreaking New Avatar Mobile Game.

In August 2016, Kabam and Hasbro team up to develop a Transformers mobile game. The title was released on April 5, 2017.

In October 2016, Kabam Vancouver announced planning for a new location, TechVibes.

As of March 1, 2017, Kabam was acquired by Netmarble.[17]

In 2017, Tim Fields was named as CEO of Kabam. [18]

On August 17, 2020, Kabam released Marvel Realm of Champions, a spin-off of their hit game Marvel Contest of Champions. That game would go on to shut down on March 31, 2022.[19]

On January 17, 2022, Kabam announced that Mr. Seungwon Lee from Netmarble is assuming the role of CEO at Kabam. [20]

Kabam and Disney announced that Disney Mirrorverse was established in June 23, 2022.

Company acquisitions[edit]

Date of Purchase Name of Company Key Targets References
October 22, 2010 WonderHill Dragons of Atlantis & Aquarium Life [21]
December 20, 2011 Gravity Bear Battle Punks [22]
June 19, 2012 Wild Shadow Studios Realm of the Mad God [23]
January 27, 2012 Fearless Studios Haden Blackman – creator of Star Wars:The Force Unleashed & Cedrick Collomb – formerly Director of Engineering at LucasArts [24]
December 3, 2013 Balanced Worlds Bomb Buddies [25]
January 15, 2013 Exploding Barrel Games Margaritaville [26]
March 10, 2014 Phoenix Age Underworld Empire and Castle Age [27]
January 12, 2015 Tapzen Mike Verdu – formerly worked on the Command & Conquer franchise at EA, also used to work for Zynga [28]
January 12, 2015 Magic Pixel Games Michael Seegers – former EA games developer [28]
May 26, 2016 Superweapon Dawn of Steel [29]

Games and platforms[edit]

Games developed or acquired by Kabam[edit]

Title Platform Original Developer Available to Play Release Date Shutdown Date Notes
1. Fantasy Football Facebook Watercooler No 2009/07/01 2010/10
2. $20K Football Challenge Facebook Watercooler No 2009/08 2010/10
3. 2010 Bracket Challenge Facebook Watercooler No 2009/10/01 2010/10
4. Kingdoms of Camelot Facebook Watercooler Yes 2009/11/06 Transferred to RockYou and supported by RockYou as of the beginning of April 2015, though Kabam still hosts the game and Kabam Rewards still apply to the game.[30]
5. Noodle Facebook Watercooler No 2009/11/12 2010/10
6. Sweet World Facebook Watercooler No 2010/04/28 2011/01/31[31]
7. Epic Goal Facebook Watercooler No 2010/06/01 2010/11
8. SI Fantasy Football Facebook, Web Kabam No 2010/08/06 2011/04
9. GreenSpot MySpace WonderHill No 2009 2010/12/02[32]
10. Dog World MySpace, Facebook WonderHill No 2009 2010
11. Enchanted Gardens Facebook WonderHill No 2009/10/12 2010
12. Furry Farm Facebook WonderHill No 2010/03/19 2010/12/01
13. Tattoo City Facebook WonderHill No 2010/06/16 2010/12/01[33]
14. Dragons of Atlantis WonderHill Yes 2010/10/06 Transferred to RockYou and supported by RockYou as of the beginning of April 2015, though Kabam still hosts the game and Kabam Rewards still apply to the game.[30]
15. Battle Punks Facebook Gravity Bear Studio No 2010/03/02 2012/03 Date is for beta release, server unresponsiveness by March 2012 was not announced and remains unresolved
16. Realm Of The Mad God Web, Kongregate, Steam Wild Shadow Studios, Spry Fox Yes 2010/01/10 2016/06/16 Acquired by Deca Games on 19th June and officially transferred to Deca Games on 23rd of June.
17. Bomb Buddies Facebook Balanced Worlds Studio No 2012/05/25 2013/06 Server unresponsiveness by June 2013 was not announced and remains unresolved
18. Castle Age Facebook Phoenix Age Yes 2009/02
19. Castle Age HD iOS Phoenix Age Yes 2011/12/15
20. Underworld Empire iOS & Android Phoenix Age Yes 2013/01/15
21. DDTank2 Web 7Road No 2013/05/02 2015/03/05[34]
22. This Means War iOS & Android Magic Pixel Games, TapZen Yes 2014/06/26
23. Hero Force Facebook Kabam No 2010/08/01 2011/04/29[35]
24. Glory of Rome Facebook Kabam Yes 2010/10/23 Transferred to RockYou and supported by RockYou as of the beginning of April 2015, though Kabam still hosts the game and Kabam Rewards still apply to the game.[30]
25. Global Warfare Facebook, Web Kabam No 2011/03/18 2012/11/30[36]
26. Samurai Dynasty Facebook Kabam No 2011/03/29 2011/11/15[37] Date is for beta release
27. Edgeworld Facebook Kabam No 2011/05/18 2018/10 Transferred to RockYou and supported by RockYou as of the beginning of April 2015, though Kabam still hosts the game and Kabam Rewards still apply to the game.[30]
28. The Godfather: Five Families Facebook, Kongregate, Web Kabam No 2011/09/07 2019/02 Date is for beta release. Transferred to RockYou and supported by RockYou as of the beginning of April 2015, though Kabam still hosts the game and Kabam Rewards still apply to the game.[30]
29. Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the North iOS & Android Kabam Yes 2011/11/21
30. Thirst of Night Web Kabam No 2011/12 2013/01/31[38]
31. Final Eden Web Kabam No 2012/01/27 2012/11/27[39]
32. Mobile Command: Crisis in Europe iOS Kabam No 2012/04/04 2012/10/08[40] Date for beta release, limited to Canada
33. Arcane Empires iOS, Android & Facebook Kabam Yes 2012/06/26 Date is for beta release, limited to Canada
34. Legend Four iOS Kabam No 2012/07/21 2013
35. Trojan War Web Kabam No 2012/09/03 2012/11/19[41]
36. Battle Shard Web Kabam No 2012/09/12 2012/12/04[42] Date is for beta release
37. Kabam Slots iOS & Android Kabam No 2012/09/20 2014
38. The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle Earth iOS & Android Kabam Yes 2012/10/16
39. The Hobbit: Armies of the Third Age Facebook, Web Kabam No 2012/11/06 2014/06/20[10]
40. Edgeworld Mobile iOS Kabam No 2012/11/06 2013/06/24[43] Date is for beta release, limited to Canada
41. Legend Four HD iOS Kabam No 2012/12/10 2013
42. Lich Defense Android Kabam No 2013/02/01 2013
43. Blastron iOS, Android & Facebook Kabam No 2013/01/03 2014
44. Farland Wars Android Kabam No 2013/03/06 2013
45. Dark District iOS Kabam No 2013/03/29 2014/07/21[44] Date for beta release, limited to Canada
46. Battle Dodgers iOS, Android Kabam Yes 2013/04/06 Published and supported by Galaxy Pest Control. Android version is no longer available.
47. Dragons of Atlantis: Heirs of the Dragon iOS & Android Kabam Yes 2013/04/16 Date is for beta release
48. Fast & Furious 6: The Game iOS, Android & Facebook Exploding Barrel Games No 2013/05/15 2015/06/30[45]
49. Imperium: Galactic War Facebook, Web Kabam No 2013/05/22 2013/11/04[46]
50. Order of Elements iOS Kabam No 2013/05/31 2013/11/11[47]
51. Galactic War: Legacy Android Kabam No 2013/06/12 2013/07 Loading issues occurred by July 2013
52. Heroes of Camelot iOS & Android Kabam Yes 2013/06/27 Date for beta release
53. Runes of War iOS & Android Kabam Yes 2013/08/26 Date is for beta release
54. Eternal Uprising: End of Days iOS & Android Kabam No 2013/09/23 2014
55. Blast Zone! iOS Kabam No 2013/10/08 2014/08/28 Date is for beta release
56. Blood Crown Web Kabam No 2013/12 2014/08/05[48]
57. Wartune: Hall of Heroes iOS & Android Kabam Yes 2014/03/06
58. Angel Alliance Web Kabam Yes 2014/03/11 Date is for beta release
59. Ravenmarch: Empire in Flames Facebook Kabam No 2014/04/04 2016/02/16[49] Then supported by 37GAMES by June 1, 2015,[50] but game suffers from long periods of broken Facebook login
60. Spirit Lords (Spirit Storm) iOS & Android Kabam Yes 2014/05/07
61. Divine Might iOS & Android Kabam Yes 2014/05/09 Date for beta release
62. Blades of Excalibur Facebook & Web Kabam No 2014/06/04 2015/04[51]
63. The Lord of the Rings: Legends of Middle-earth iOS & Android Kabam Yes 2014/09/18 Date for beta release
64. Metal Skies iOS & Android Kabam No 2014/08/05 2015/03/06[52] Date for beta release
65. Marvel: Contest of Champions iOS & Android Kabam Yes 2014/10/02 Date for beta release
66. The Hunger Games: Panem Rising iOS & Android Kabam No 2014/10/10 2016/03/10 Date is for beta release
67. Creature Academy iOS & Android Kabam No 2014/10/29 2015/04/10[53] Date for beta release
68. Fast & Furious: Legacy iOS & Android Kabam No 2015/01/23 2017/01/19 Date for beta release
69. Star Wars: Uprising iOS & Android Kabam No 2015/07/08 2016/11/17 Date for beta release / Date for planned server shutdown
70. MARVEL United iOS & Android Kabam No 2015/07/09 2016/01/03[54] Date for beta release, Android beta only available in Denmark and Sweden[55]
71. Transformers: Forged to Fight iOS & Android Kabam Yes 2016/12/05 Date is for beta release
72. Shop Titans iOS & Android & Steam & Epic Games Kabam Yes 2019/03/04
73. Marvel Realm of Champions iOS & Android Kabam No 2020/08/17 2022/03/21[19] Date is for beta release
74. Disney Mirrorverse iOS & Android Kabam Yes 2022/06/23

Games developed by 3rd parties and distributed by Kabam[edit]

Champion gamers forum
Title Platform Original Developer Available to Play Release Date Shutdown Date Notes
01. Ministry of War Kongregate, Web SnailGames Yes 2010/08 2014/02/28[56]
02. Geomon iOS EsperCorp, Loki Studios No 2010/10/01 2013/04/17
03. Nadirim Web Digital Reality, Twisted Tribe Ltd. No 2010/12/08 2013/06/30[57] Date is for beta release
04. Dungeon Overlord Facebook, Kongregate, Web Nightowl Games Yes 2011 2014/02/28[56]
05. Shadowland Online Web ZQGame Yes 2011/08/08 2016/02/16[49] Date is for beta release
06. Castlot Web Power Hosts Technology Yes 2011/09 2016/01/27[58] Date is for beta release
07. Book of Heroes iOS & Android Venan Games Yes 2011/12/01
08. Clash Of the Dragons Kongregate, Web 5th Planet Games No 2011/12 2014/10/30[59]
09. BloodRealm Kongregate, Facebook, Steam, iOS, Android & Web RedPoint Labs & Making Fun, Inc. Yes 2012/04 2014/09/11[60] Date is for beta release
10. Rise of the Warriors iOS The Monkey Twins Studios Yes 2012/06/28 2013
11. Age of Chaos iOS LVL6 No 2012/08/05 2013
12. My Singing Monsters Android, iOS & Web Big Blue Bubble Yes 2012/09/04 2013/02
13. Wrath of Olympus iOS Chocobotsgames, mekalabo No 2012/12/07 2014
14. Reign of Conquerors iOS & Android Minoraxis Yes 2012/12/19 2014 Date is for beta release
15. Invincible Armada Facebook Neowiz Games No 2012/12/20 2014/02/28[56]
16. Kings of the Realm Web, iOS & Android DigitGame Studios Yes 2013/04/12 2016/01/27[58] Kabam published mobile versions of the game on September 2, 2014 but the different versions were never cross-platform compatible. The mobile versions stopped working by January 2015 and Kabam forum support ended on February 9, 2015.[61]
17. Puzzle Trooper iOS & Android gumi Yes 2013/06/21 2014/04/30 Date is for beta release
18. Moonrise Steam, iOS Undead Labs, Kabam No 2014/12/03 2015/12/31[62] After limited releases in Canada,[63] Denmark and Sweden,[64] a beta was launched on Steam in early March[65] with Early Access on May 27[66] before Jeff Strain, founder of Undead Labs, announced the game's closure.[62] Android and iOS were the original planned platforms for the worldwide release, but the Android version was never released as the game closed while in beta.
19. Slot Galaxy Facebook Galaxy Star Entertainment Yes 2012/03/23 2013
20. Slots Tycoon iOS Zipline Games Yes 2012/05/23 2013
21. Slot Galaxy HD Slot Machines Android Tap Slots Yes 2012/12/16 2013
22. Texas Hold'em Poker Web Yes ? 2013
23. Galaxy Online 2 Facebook, Web I Got Games Yes 2010 2016/02/16[49]
24. Wings of Destiny Facebook, Web I Got Games Yes 2012/09/13 2016/02/16[49]
25. Call of Gods Kongregate, Web Biyojoy Network Technology Yes 2010 2016/02/16[49]
26. Glory of Gods Kongregate, Web Biyojoy Network Technology Yes 2012/12/03 2014/02/28[56]
27. Pirates: Tides of Fortune Web Plarium Yes 2012/01/12
28. Stormfall: Age of War Facebook, Web Plarium Yes 2012/11/01
29. Crystal Saga Kongregate, Web Reality Squared Games Yes 2011/08 2016/02/12[67] All players who filed a ticket to reality squared games got their characters transferred to r2games.com under one of their servers
30. Yitien Web Reality Squared Games Yes 2013/04/09 2016/02/12[67] Date is for beta release
31. Demon Slayer (Wartune) Facebook, Web Reality Squared Games Yes 2012/08/13
32. Wartune Facebook, Web Reality Squared Games Yes 2012/08/13 Yahoo! version of the game was shut down on March 31, 2014 and progress transfer to other versions of the game was not possible.[68]

Notes: Release date denotes when a game is first available to play, including closed and open beta releases. For games that are developed by other studios and distributed by Kabam, the shutdown date is when Kabam discontinued their support of the games. Those games may still be distributed by other publishers, or available to play on servers hosted by companies other than Kabam.


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