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The Kabras, or Kabarasi, are a tribe of Luhya people of Kenya. They reside in Malava that is in the Kabras Division of Kakamega District, which is neighboured by the Isukha, Banyala, Tsotso, and the Tachoni. The Kabras dialect is similar to Tachoni.However, the Kabras have spread to other regions as result of intermarriages and movement to seek greener pasture in formal employment

Kabrasi clans were named after the heads of the families. They include Avatali, Abawande, Abamutama, Basonje, Abakhusia, Bamachina, Abashu, Abamutsembi, Baluu, Batobo, Bachetsi, and Bamakangala.

Before the colonial era, the Kabaras were under the rulership of Nabongo Mumia, the king of the Wanga. They were represented by an elder in his Council of Elders. The last known elder in the kings council was Soita Libukana Samaramarami. The kabaras are said to have originally been Banyala.

When Quaker missionaries came to Kenya in the early part of the twentieth century, they spread out to Kabaras from Kaimosi in Tiriki.[citation needed]


In politics, one of the famous Kabras politician is Dr. Noah Mahalang'ang'a Wekesa, the former Kwanza MP and he as well served as Wildlife and Forestry minister under President Mwai Kibaki. Besides, another notable Kabras politician is LateSoita Shitanda, who represented Malava Constituency in parliament and served as a Housing Minister in President Mwai Kibaki's cabinet. He was instrumental in the revival of the Sugar Cane industry in Western Kenya, spearheading the establishment of West Kenya Sugar factory in Malava. Former Chief Justice, the Late Zacchaeus Chesoni, hailed from the Kabras sub tribe Bamachina clan close to Chimoi area near Webuye.

Economic activities Kabras people are farmers, practicing livestock rearing and crop farming. The main cash crop is Sugarcane, which is harvested and taken to West Kenya Sugar Company as well as Mumias Sugar Company.

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