Kabul City Center

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Kabul City Center
Inside Kabul City Center.jpg
Interior of Kabul City Center
Location Afghanistan Kabul
Opening date 2005
Coffeehouse inside Kabul City Center

Kabul City Center is Afghanistan's first modern-style indoor shopping mall that opened in 2005. It is approximately nine stories tall and is located in downtown Kabul. The mall is equipped with escalators and see-through elevators.

For security, the mall's glass windows are explosive resistant. Visitors are screened by metal detectors before being allowed to enter. The screening stopped a suicide bomber from entering the mall on 14 February 2011.[1]

The top six floors of the mall is part of the Safi Landmark Hotel, which is owned by a Dubai based hotel and resort company.


Coordinates: 34°31′57″N 69°09′56″E / 34.5325°N 69.1656°E / 34.5325; 69.1656