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Kabuli palaw (also spelled Qabuli or Kabili) is an Afghan dish, a variety of pilaf, consisting of steamed rice mixed with raisins, carrots, and lamb. It is one of the most popular dishes in Afghanistan and is considered the Afghan national dish.

Kabuli is made by cooking basmati or long grained rice in a brothy sauce (which makes the rice brown). This dish may be made with lamb, chicken, or beef. Kabuli palaw is baked in the oven and may be topped with fried sliced carrots, raisins, orange peel strips, and chopped nuts like pistachios or almonds. The meat is covered by the rice or buried in the rice mixture.

Qabuli is popular in other countries, including Saudi Arabia, where it is known as roz Bukhari (Arabic: رز بخاري), meaning Bukharan rice; which is a simpler form introduced by Afghan immigrants living in Saudi Arabia.

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