Kabus 22

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Kabus 22
Kabus 22.jpg
Kabus 22 title screen
Developer(s)Son Işık Ltd.
Designer(s)Yasin Demirden
Yakup Demirden
  • TUR: 25 December 2006
Genre(s)Survival horror,
Third Person Shooter

Kabus 22 is a 3D horror–action game set in Kadiköy district in Istanbul.[1] The player has three characters to control; the Turkish soldier Demir, his girlfriend Ebru and the mysterious Inzar. These characters have to fight against a despotic religious order and creatures named Maduns in an alternate near future.


  • Bauda
  • Artal (prime minister)
  • Arzen
  • Barf
  • Cino (immortal bastard)
  • Inzar
  • Teferun (only 4)
  • Lakan
  • Veyl
  • Madun (half creature, half human)


K22: Demolition Day is a free FPS/arcade minigame. It is a promotion for horror–action PC CD-ROM game Kabus 22. The minigame was released on October 21, 2007. A player can either create an account and try to beat other players' records, or can play offline.


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