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Kachari is a generic term applied to a number of ethnic groups, predominantly in Assam, speaking Tibeto-Burman languages or claiming a common ancestry. They are the most widespread tribe of Northeast India. The Kachari denotes tribes like Bodo, Dimasa, Chutiya, Sonowal, Hajong, Lalung (Tiwa), Rabha, Garos and Tripura tribes (Debbarmas, Reangs, Jamatia) which have their common origin. They were first classified by S. Endle as the Kacharis. They are considered to have reached the Brahmaputra valley via Tibet and settled in the foothills of the eastern Himalayan range which includes the whole of Assam, Tripura, North Bengal, mostly Garo Hills part of Meghalaya, some in Bhutan and Arunachal Pradesh, Historic Dimapur of Nagaland, and parts of Bangladesh. They may also found in Jiribam region of Manipur and Hills of Mizoram, there known as Bru (Reang), a sub-tribe of Tiprasa (Tripuri). In Kalika puran (script during 11 century), Kachari had been mentioned as Bhumiputra (Indigenous inhabitant) of Pragajyotishpur (Assam in present days). The kachari Kings believed that they were descendants of Ghatothkach, the son of second Pandava prince Bhima and Hidimba. The Kachari kings used their title as Hidimbeswar and Hidimbapur was capital of Kachari Dynasty. Many scholars have opined that Dimapur is corruption of Hidimbapur.

Kachari or Cachari may refer to:

Earlier, Kacharis are known as Kirata (Kirati) and are hence brethren to Rai, Limbu, Thapa (Kulung), Bhutia, Lepcha, Sherpa, etc.