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Directed by Ravindra Peepat
Produced by Gautam Vijay Films
Written by Vijay Tandon
Starring Gurdas Maan
Rama Vij
Yograj Singh
Vijay Tandon
Music by Varinder Bachchan Surinder Bachchan
Cinematography SK Jolly Dennis Martin
Edited by Subhash Sehgal
Distributed by Gautam Vijay Films
Release date
Running time
2hr 15mins
Country India
Language Punjabi

Kachehari is a Punjabi movie starring Rama Vij, Gurdas Mann, Yograj Singh and Vijay Tandon, released in 1994. The movie was about a woman's tryst with the Indian judicial system.

Kachehari was the most expensive movie production of its time at a whopping 3.5 million rupees. Vijay Tandon, the producer, was adamant about what he had envisioned and cut no corners in financing his project. Contrary to the reports that circulated in the trade magazines, Kachehari broke all records in the regional language circuit and was amongst the top grossers in India, namely Thiruda-Thiruda that starred south Indian superstar Chiranjeevi.

Kachehari provided a huge boost to the otherwise sagging careers of the actors associated with this movie.

The playback was rendered by well-known singers from Punjab, Late Surjit Bindrakhiya, Gurdas Maan, Sarabjeet Kaur, Sukhshinder Shinda, Late Dilshad Akhtar, Hans Raj Hans, Sardool Sikander, Amar Noorie and others. The soundtrack of the movie was a chartbuster across the radio stations and countdown shows as no one ever imagined such an ensemble of singers in one single album. Gautam Vijay Films released the music separately as a music album called Sur Punjab De, meaning "The Vocals of Punjab".

Kachehari was liked by the audience across all classes and was a favourite among the critics, too. Kachehari was conferred with the National Award in the Best Film category in 1994. It was one of the finest cinematic illustrations from Vijay Tandon, known for his exemplary writings and cinematic storytelling.

"With the current trend of remakes gaining steam, Gautam Vijay Films may look into recreating the magic with a remake of Kachehari" said Gautam Vijay Tandon - CEO & Executive Director of the production house.

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