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Kacie Fischer is the first woman to inline skate across the United States, a feat she accomplished in 2012.[1] She is the fastest person to ever do so, skating from California to Florida in 47 days; the previous official record was 69 days, by Rusty Montcrief in 2002.[1] Danny Dannels reportedly did it in 67 days, but that is unofficial.[1] Fischer skated to raise money for the Special Olympics.[2] In addition to skating, Fischer is a personal trainer, Crossfit Coach, fitness lead at Inline Warehouse, and professional tower runner (someone who races up stairwells of skyscrapers).[3] She and Adam Cleveland, who was then her fiance, started the nonprofit organization LiveGiveSkate.org.[4] While at college she suffered from heart failure, which prompted her to begin a vigorous athletic regimen.[5]