Kaczawskie Mountains

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Małe Organy Myśliborskie lava formation in Kaczawskie Mountains

The Katzbach Mountains or Kaczawskie Mountains (Polish: Góry Kaczawskie; German: Katzbachgebirge) are a mountain range, roughly 30 kilometres long, in the Western Sudetes in Poland. It is located within the Polish province of Lower Silesia. Its highest peak is the Melkgelte / Skopiec (724 m). To the north of the Katzbach Mountains are the Katzbach Foothills (Polish: Pogórze Kaczawskie; German: Bober-Katzbach-Vorgebirge).


The ridge, which runs from northwest to southeast at heights between 400 and 700 metres, is a fold mountain range consisting of limestone, slate and dolomite. In the west the Bober separates the range from the Jizera Mountains and Jizera Foreland; to the north are the Katzbach Foothills; to the east the Raging Neisse / Nysa Szalona forms the boundary. In the southeast, the Katzbach Mountains merge into the Waldenburg/Walbrzyskie Highlands. To the south, the Landeshut Ridge / Rudawy Janowickie and Jelenia Gora Valley form the transition to the Giant Mountains.

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Coordinates: 50°57′47″N 15°50′49″E / 50.963056°N 15.846944°E / 50.963056; 15.846944