Kadıköy Haldun Taner Stage

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Kadıköy Haldun Taner Stage
Kadıköy Haldun Taner Sahnesi
Hâldun Taner Sahnesi.JPG
Kadıköy Haldun Taner Stage in Kadıköy, İstanbul, Turkey.
Kadıköy Haldun Taner Stage is located in Istanbul
Kadıköy Haldun Taner Stage
Kadıköy Haldun Taner Stage
Location of Haldun Taner Stage in Istanbul.
Address İskele Meydanı
Kadiköy, Istanbul
Coordinates 40°59′31″N 29°01′23″E / 40.99182°N 29.02316°E / 40.99182; 29.02316
Owner Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality
Operator Şehir Tiyatroları (City Theatres)
Type Local authority
Capacity 286
Opened 1989; 28 years ago (1989)

Kadıköy Haldun Taner Stage (Turkish: Kadıköy Haldun Taner Sahnesi) is a theatre venue located in Kadıköy district of Istanbul, Turkey. It is owned by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and operated by its City Theatres (Şehir Tiyatroları) division.[1] The theatre is named in honor of the Turkish playwright Haldun Taner (1915-1986).

Situated on the landing square (İskele Meydanı), the building, which hosts the theatre today, was constructed as the first modern market hall in Istanbul between 1925 and 1927. However, it stood vacant for a period of ten years since the traders in the agricultural marketing business did not want to be tenant. In order to utilize the vacant building, some parts of it was used by the fire department, and some parts served as depot for scrap vehicles. Its purposeful usage began in the 1940s, lasting until the mid 1970s.[2]

After its complete renovation in 1984, the building was assigned to Istanbul University for use as conservatory in 1986. Finally, the ground floor of the building was transformed into a theatre venue in 1989.[2]

Kadıköy Haldun Taner Stage has a seating capacity of 286.[1]

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