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NicknamesKali Masi
Country of originMadhya Pradesh, India
UseDual-purpose breed: eggs, meat
Skin colorGreyish Black
Egg colorCream

The Kadaknath or Kali Masi is an Indian breed of chicken local to Jhabua and Dhar districts of western Madhya Pradesh, where it is known as "Kali masi" ("fowl having black flesh").[1] Due to its high protein and very low fat and cholesterol levels, it is in high demand. Its fat content, is 0.73 — 1.03% compared to 13 to 25% in most other chicken breeds. This famous kadaknath chicken from Jhabua District of Madhya Pradesh, India has now got a geographical indication (GI Tag) tag. It was approved by Indian government on 30 July 2018.[2] It is the only animal to have a GI Tag in India.

The breed[edit]

The Kadaknath is popular for its adaptability and good-tasting greyish black meat,[3] which is believed to infuse vigor.[4] Its color stems from melanin.[1] The breed is originated from the Indian state Madhya Pradesh.


The birds are completely black(Greyish): black(Gold) plumage with a greenish iridescence, greyish black legs and toenails, greyish black beak and tongue, black comb and wattles, greyish black meat and bones and even dark organs. Colour completely depends upon weather conditions it may vary from greyish to complete black. The rooster weigh 2–2.5 kg and the hens from 1.5–2 kg. The hens lay cream-colored eggs with a slight pink tint, although they are poor setters and rarely hatch their own brood. Eggs weigh an average of 45 g. This breed is also found in Indonesia where it is known as Ayam Cemani. The colour of the egg is white.

Threat of extinction[edit]

Due to the relatively high consumption of the breed, its numbers have sharply declined. To save the breed from extinction, the state government started a Kadaknath poultry breeding program involving 500 families from below the poverty line families, who were to receive financial support and assistance.[4]


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