Kadam River

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Kadem is a minor tributary of Godavari located in the Adilabad District of Telangana.[1]

Origin and Course[edit]

The river rises near Bazarhatnoor in the Adilabad District and flows south-east wards. The Kuntala Waterfall are formed on this river at Kuntala.[2] It provides for a famous one day outing for Hyderabad. The Kaddam Project is a Major Reservoir across river Kadem, a tributary river of Godavari near Kaddam Mandal, Adilabad District, Telangana. This project also called as Kaddam Narayana Reddy Project.Beyond the project the river flows in a linear fashion into the Godavari.


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Coordinates: 19°04′27″N 78°50′25″E / 19.0741°N 78.8403°E / 19.0741; 78.8403