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Kadamjay is located in Kyrgyzstan
Coordinates: 40°7′36″N 71°43′25″E / 40.12667°N 71.72361°E / 40.12667; 71.72361Coordinates: 40°7′36″N 71°43′25″E / 40.12667°N 71.72361°E / 40.12667; 71.72361
Country Kyrgyzstan
Region Batken Region
District Kadamjay District
Elevation 1,030 m (3,380 ft)
Population (2009)
 • Total 6,732
Time zone UTC+6

Kadamjay (Kyrgyz: Кадамжай; Russian: Кадамжай, earlier also Кадамджай) is a city[1] located in Kadamjay District of Batken Region of Kyrgyzstan. Its population was 6,732 in 2009.[2] Kadamjay is located between the towns of Khaidarkan (Aidarken) (to the west) and Kyzyl-Kiya (to the east).

In the Soviet period, the town was officially known as "Frunze", and the village adjacent to it from the north, as "Frunzenskoe". Since Kyrgyzstan's capital (now Bishkek) was also called Frunze, the name must have been quite confusing, and the locals would refer to their town as Kadamjay, and the village as Pulgon.

Although Kadamjay is the largest settlement of the eponymous district, it is not the capital of the district; instead, the district's administrative center is the village of Pulgon (formerly, Frunzenskoe), located just to the north of the town.

Kadamjay district is thought to have the second largest mercury-antimony deposit in the world.[3] Kadamjay Antimony Factory is one of the biggest factories in Kyrgyzstan; it is the main employer in the city. Khaidarkan Mercury Plant, built in 1942, was reported, as of 2005, to produce 300 to 600 metric tons of mercury per year.

"Metallurg Kadamjay" is the main football club, which was the 1997 champion in Kyrgyzstan. Kyrgyz-Turkish Kadamjay Semetei High School, Kyrgyz High School, 40-years (40-лет) and Babajan Aitmatov are the main schools of Kadamjay. Ak-Su is the river which passes through Kadamjay.


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