K. B. Nagabhushanam

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K. B. Nagabhushanam
Died18 October 1976(1976-10-18) (aged 73–74)
Chennai, India
Occupation(s)Film producer, director
SpouseP. Kannamba

Kadaru Nagabhushanam or K. B. Nagabhushanam (1902 – 18 October 1976) was an Indian film director and producer in the 1940s to 1960s, working in Telugu and Tamil cinema. He was the husband of P. Kannamba. They established Rajarajeshwari Films and produced many mythological films starring Kannamba in the lead role including Harischandra.[1] Their social film Navajeevanam on untouchability got the recognition of Madras State and was chosen as the best feature film.

Film career[edit]

Nagabhushanam entered the cinema field as producer of Talli Prema in 1941.[2] His directorial debut film was Sumati, which greatly attracted women. His magnum opus film Paduka Pattabhishekam (1945) starred C. S. R. Anjaneyulu, Addanki and Kannamba. He took special care of the clothing, ornaments and make-up, which is noticeable in every scene. Later, he produced Harischandra and Tulasi Jalandhara in Tamil language which were successful. He came back to Telugu with Saudamini (1951). His movie Peda Rytu (Poor farmer), a message based film on Agricultural laborers became a landmark film in Telugu film industry. It was remade into Tamil also. His movie Sati Sakkubai (1954) ran for 100 days in Andhra Pradesh theaters. His subsequent production was the popular Naga Panchami (1956) starring Anjali Devi and V. Nagayya. He also directed Sati Savitri of Varalakshmi Pictures in which S. V. Ranga Rao acted as Yama and shot into fame for his effective portrayal of the character. Subsequently, he made Sri Krishna Maya directed by C. S. Rao. His movie Dakshayagnam (1962) remembered as the film wherein N. T. Rama Rao portrayed as Lord Shiva for the first and last time. After the death of his wife Kannamba in 1964, he deteriorated mentally and physically. He had financial problems with the production of Tamil film starring M. G. Ramachandran. He sold his properties and had to live in poor conditions in Chennai, but was assisted by his professional colleagues for his livelihood. He died in 1976.


Year Film Language Credits
1941 Talliprema Telugu Producer
1942 Sumati Telugu Producer and director
1944 Harishchandra Tamil Producer and Director
1945 Paduka Pattabhishekam Telugu Producer and director
1946 Bhakta Tulasidas Telugu Producer
1947 Thulasi Jalandar Tamil Producer and director
1949 Navajeevanam Tamil Producer and director
1949 Navajeevanam Telugu Producer and director
1951 Saudamini Tamil Producer and director
1951 Soudamini Telugu Producer and director
1952 Ezhai Uzhavan Tamil Producer and director
1952 Peda Rytu Telugu Producer and director
1953 Lakshmi Tamil Producer and director
1953 Lakshmi Telugu Producer and director
1954 Sati Sakkubai Telugu Producer and director
1955 Shri Krishna Thulabaram Telugu Producer and director
1956 Naga Panchami Tamil Producer and director
1956 Naga Panchami Telugu Producer and director
1957 Sati Anasuya Director
1957 Sati Savitri Tamil Director
1957 Sati Savitri Telugu Director
1958 Anna Thammudu Telugu Producer
1958 Sri Krishna Maya Telugu Producer
1959 Veera Bhaskarudu Telugu Producer and director
1960 Dharmame Jayam Telugu Producer and director
1961 Usha Parinayam (1961 film) Telugu Producer and director
1962 Dakshayagnam Tamil Producer and director
1962 Dakshayagnam Telugu Producer and director
1963 Apta Mithrulu Telugu Producer and director
1965 Chaduvukunna Bharya Telugu Producer and director
1966 Thaali Bhagyam Tamil Director
1966 Usha Kalyanam Telugu Director


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