Kaddam Project

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Kaddam Project
Kaddam Project is located in Telangana
Kaddam Project
Location of Kaddam Project in Telangana
Kaddam Project is located in India
Kaddam Project
Kaddam Project (India)
Official name కడెం ప్రాజెక్ట్
Kaddam Project
Location Kaddam, Nirmal District, Telangana, India
Coordinates 19°6′29″N 78°47′27″E / 19.10806°N 78.79083°E / 19.10806; 78.79083Coordinates: 19°6′29″N 78°47′27″E / 19.10806°N 78.79083°E / 19.10806; 78.79083
Opening date 1958
Construction cost 100 rs
Dam and spillways
Impounds Kadem River
Height 31 metres (102 ft) from river level
Length 2,051 metres (6,729 ft)
Creates Kaddam Reservoir
Total capacity 215,800,000 m3 (174,952 acre⋅ft)
Active capacity 137,100,000 m3 (111,149 acre⋅ft)[1]
Catchment area 2,590 square kilometres (1,000 sq mi)
Surface area 24.7 km2 (9.5 sq mi)

The Kaddam Project also called Kadem (Telugu:కడెం ప్రాజెక్ట్ ) is a Major Reservoir across river Kadem, a tributary river of Godavari near Kaddam Mandal, Nirmal District, Telangana. This Project covers localised ayacut under Nirmal and Mancherial Districts. This project also called as Kaddam Narayana Reddy Project[2]

The Project has been integrated with Sri Rama Sagar Project. The reservoir being supplemented through Sri Rama Sagar Project by Saraswathi Canal to stabilize the localized catchment area.

It has two major canals for water distribution, the Left canal length is 76.8 km and Right Canal length is about 8 km.

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