Kaddish (Salem album)

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Studio album by Salem
Released 1994 (1994)
Genre Death/doom
Salem chronology
Creating Our Sins
(1992)Creating Our Sins1992
A Moment of Silence
(1998)A Moment of Silence1998

Kaddish is a 1994 album by Salem. The album was one of the first Israeli extreme metal albums to engage with recent Jewish history and the Holocaust.[1]


  1. ^ Keith Harris New Voices in Jewish Thought - 1999 Volume 2 - Page 11 "Salem's 1994 album Kaddish was one of the first to engage seriously with Jewish history and is loosely themed on the Holocaust. It includes a version of the World War II partisan song 'Es Brent', 'Ha'ayara Bo'eret' (The Town is Burning') sung .."