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Kadett corresponds to Cadet in English and is a term used in Sweden to denote officer candidates studying in order to become an officer. There are basically two ways to become officer as described below.

Specialist Officers (SO)[edit]

Candidates study one year to become specialists, team-leaders and/or instructors. The career involves advancements to platoon leaders of platoons that require detailed/specialist/technical knowledge. Specialist Officers roughly correspond to non-commissioned officers in British parlance.

Regular "Tactical" Officers[edit]

Candidates study three years at the Swedish National Defence College with the aim to gain proficiency as commanders at platoon level. Students major in War Science, Military Technology, or Maritime matters. Four semesters include general education and are located at the Military Academy Karlberg. The other two semesters are located at one of the branch schools and include specific training for the profession.

Difference between officer categories[edit]

Admission Requirements[edit]


High School diploma or equivalent. Depending on choice of profile, there may be other requirements.


  • 11 Months of conscript training


  • 3 months of preparatory training followed by 3 months of specialized training.


  • Regardless of branch, all applicants must meet a set of standard requirements

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