Kadic Hospital

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Kadic Hospital
Kadic Health Services Limited
Location Kira Road
Bukoto Neighborhood
Naguru Hill,
Central Region, Uganda
Care system Private
Hospital type General
Emergency department II
Beds 30 (2014)[1]
Founded 1991[1]
Website Homepage
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Kadic Hospital, also known as Kadic Medical Centre, is an urban, private, hospital in Kampala, the capital of Uganda and the largest city in that country.


The hospital is located on Kira Road, in the Bukoto neighborhood, on Naguru Hill, in Kampala, Uganda's capital city. This is about 4 kilometres (2 mi) east of Mulago National Referral Hospital.[2] The coordinates of Kadic Hospital are: 0°20'59.0"N, 32°36'15.0"E (Latitude:0.349717; Longitude:32.604159).[3]


In 1991, married couple Henry Kasozi and Sayuni Kasozi started the Kampala Diagnostic and Imaging Centre (KADIC), out of rented premises in Naakulabye, a middle and low income neighborhood in Kampala's Lubaga Division. Henry was about to retire as a Professor of Radiology at Makerere University School of Medicine, where he taught between 1974 and 1993.[1]

Within two years, they outgrew their rented premises. They acquired land in Bukoto and built new premises that houses the main hospital. They maintain clinics at three other locations in the city, including in Naakulabye, where they started. As of 2014, the hospital employed over 130 people, owned four ambulances, and treated over 4,000 outpatients and inpatients every month, with a monthly salary payroll exceeding Sh100 million.[1]

Affiliated entities[edit]

Kadic Health Services Limited, the parent company of the hospital, owns affiliated subsidiaries including the following:

  • Kadic Health Foundation, a fully owned health maintenance organization[4] - Bukoto, Kampala
  • Kadic Hospital - Bukoto, Kampala[5]
  • Kadic Clinic, Naakulabye - Naakulabye, Kampala
  • Kadic City Clinic - Kampala[4]
  • Malyamu Pharmacy - Bukoto, Kampala[4]

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Coordinates: 00°20′59″N 32°36′15″E / 0.34972°N 32.60417°E / 0.34972; 32.60417