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Kadoorie family

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"Marble Hall", formerly a Kadoorie family's mansion in Shanghai
The Peninsula, Hong Kong

The Kadoorie family or "Khedouri" (Hebrew: כדורי, Arabic: خضوري) are a wealthy Hong Kong-based family, originally Jews from Baghdad, Iraq.[1] From the mid-18th century they were established in Mumbai (then known as Bombay), becoming one of the wealthiest families in Asia; their businesses were subsequently centered in Shanghai from the mid-19th century, and then in Hong Kong from 20th century onwards.[2]

Family members


The Kadoorie family includes a number of notable individuals:

  • Ellis Kadoorie (1865–1922), philanthropist and businessman
  • Elly Kadoorie (1867–1944), philanthropist and businessman, married Laura Mocatta, 3 children
  • Reuben Ezekiel Kadoorie, married Catherine Lee Wai-Ying, 1 child



Kadoorie family has donated, in the 1990s, US$500,000 for the construction of the new Shanghai Museum.[6]

In 1961, in times of drought in Hong Kong, Mr. Kadoorie donated cement and pipes and the Yim Tin Tsai villagers contributed money and effort and laid the water mains that deliver water from Mud Bay to Yim Tin Tsai island.[7]



Enterprises founded by the family:

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