Kadra Yusuf

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Kadra Yosuf
Born 16 June 1980
Nationality Somali-Norwegian
Other names Kadra Yosuf
Kadra Noor
Kadra Norwegian
Occupation Activist

Kadra Yosuf also known as Kadra Noor or Kadra Norwegian; (born 16 June 1980)[1] is a Somali-Norwegian activist.

In 2000 she investigated female genital cutting in the Somali community in Norway. Going undercover, she exposed the support of imams in Norway for the practice. For her efforts she received the Fritt Ord Honorary Award, but has since been living in hiding.

In April, 2007 she called to reinterpret the Koran as far as it concerns Muslim women's rights. Several days later she was attacked by a group of Somali immigrants, both male and female, who shouted at her that she was trampling the Koran.[2]


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