Kaduwela, Western Province

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Kaduwela is located in Colombo District
Coordinates: 6°56′8″N 79°59′2″E / 6.93556°N 79.98389°E / 6.93556; 79.98389
CountrySri Lanka
ProvinceWestern Province
DistrictColombo District
 • Total87.7 km2 (33.9 sq mi)
 • Total244,679
Time zoneUTC+5:30 (Sri Lanka Standard Time)
Postal code

Kaduwela (Sinhalese: කඩුවෙල, Tamil: கடுவெலை) is a suburb of Colombo in the Colombo District, Western Province, Sri Lanka. It is located about 16 km (9.9 mi) from Colombo city centre on the Colombo - Avissawella Old Road (Low Level Road) and about 18 km (11 mi) from Kollupitiya on the New Kandy Road.


Kaduwela was originally Kadudevola, a compound of Kadu (sword) and Devola (shrine). It was the location of a shrine of the goddess Pattini, linked to a golden sword used in the 'water cutting' ritual. The shrine is called the Purana Rankadu Pattini Maha Devale (ancient great shrine of the golden-sword Pattini).

In another possibility Kaduwela simply means the jungle paddy field. Kadu means jungle (Sorata Thera's Sinhala–Sinhala dictionary) and wela means paddy field. There is also another Kaduwela in the Ukuwela division of Matale district

According to Robert Percival of the 19th Regiment of Foot, during the Revolt of 1797 against the Dutch, the Sinhalese threw up earthworks and established a fort here.

After the British defeat in the 1st Kandyan War, Kaduwela was occupied by a small force of British sepoys and lascoreens. They were later reinforced by a mixed force of European troops and sepoys under Captain Charles Wilkinson Mercer of the 51st Regiment, prior to the Battle of Hanwella.

Kaduwela Municipal Council[edit]

Zone [1][edit]


Kaduwela Municipality area is a multi-ethnic, multi-religious urban centre. According to the census of 2012 the demographics by ethnicity and religion is as follows:.

Religious & Ethnic Identification in Kaduwela Municipality area [2] [3]
2012 Percentage
Buddhist 227,954 90.44%
Roman Catholic 12,520 4.97%
Other Christian 3,879 1.54%
Islam 3,735 1.48%
Hindu 3,524 1.40%
Other 445 0.18%
Total 252,057 100.00%
Sinhalese 241,104 95.65%
Sri Lankan Tamil 4,605 1.83%
Sri Lankan Moor 2,011 0.80%
Burgher 1,194 0.47%
Other 1,164 0.46%
Malay 1,106 0.44%
Indian Tamil 740 0.29%
Sri Lankan Chetty 82 0.03%
Baratha 51 0.02%
Total 252,057 100.00%

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