Kae Araki

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Kae Araki
荒木 香恵
BornNovember 6[1]
Osaka, Japan
OccupationVoice actress
Years active1986–present
Notable credit(s)
Height150 cm (4 ft 11 in)

Kae Araki (荒木 香恵, Araki Kae, born November 6) is a Japanese voice actress from Osaka, Japan. After standing in for Kotono Mitsuishi, the voice of Usagi Tsukino in the series Sailor Moon, when she had appendicitis, Araki was given the role of Chibiusa in the same series. While training at a voice acting school, Araki acted as senpai to fellow voice actress Konami Yoshida, and they have since maintained a close relationship.

Early life[edit]

She was born in Osaka Prefecture. She moved to Hokkaido in second grade, to Kagawa Prefecture in the third grade and Kadoma in Osaka and Tomakomai in Hokkaido in the fourth grade.[2] Due to the work of her father, she moved seven times before graduating from high school.[2]

Since childhood, she longed for the theater world due to the influence of television.[3] She didn't want to be the main actress and just wanted to play.[2] She decided to follow the theatrical path in the fall of the third year of high school.


After finishing high school in Hokkaido, she moved to Tokyo to become a stage actress. She entered the training school of the Tokyo Actor's Consumer's Cooperative Society (Haikyō) and enrolled in the acting department for half a year. She joined the theater company because she could not get into the upper class on the advanced exam. Her voice work began after she was discovered by a voice actor office manager who saw Araki on stage.[2] Her first anime work was Maison Ikkoku. After that, Araki affiliated with Ken Production. Instead of voice work, the NHK reporter and scene moderators focused mainly on face-to-face work. She then transferred to Arts Vision, where animation was the main focus.[2]

In 1993, she played the main character Usagi Tsukino in the Sailor Moon anime series, for 7 episodes replacing Kotono Mitsuishi who was hospitalized.[4] The scheduled required a substitute and she Araki was selected.[4] Later, in the sequel to the series, she played Sailor Chibi Moon.[4] Her role was decided without an audition.[5] In 1995, she played Miaka Yūki in Fushigi Yûgi, her first leading role in television animation.[4]

She was affiliated with 81 Produce from August 2003 to May 2010 and currently is freelancing.[6]



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