Kaede: If Trans...

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Kaede: If Trans...
Deg kaede if trans.jpg
Video by Dir En Grey
Released January 15, 1998
Genre Alternative metal, alternative rock
Length 19:43
Label Free-Will
Producer Dir En Grey
Dir En Grey chronology
Kaede: If Trans...
Mousou Toukakugeki

Kaede: If Trans... (「楓」 〜if trans・・・〜?) is a music video compilation released by Dir En Grey on January 15, 1998. It is the band's first video release.

Track listing[edit]

All lyrics written by Kyo, music composed by Kaoru (except "Ash" composed by Die/Kaoru)

  1. "Ash"
  2. "Sangeki no Yoru" (惨劇の夜?)
  3. "Karma" (?)
  4. "Garden"



  • "Ash" was also featured on the sampler Behind the Mask, Vol. 2 and a re-recording later became a B-side on the "Myaku" single.
  • "Sangeki no Yoru" is an alternate version of "Kiri to Mayu" (previously featured on Missa (EP)).
  • An alternate version of the video for "Karma" was included on the band's follow-up video release, Mousou Toukakugeki, yet the song was never included on any of Dir En Grey's studio releases, only except when a celluar-download version was made available in 2008. A live performance can be found on the Rettou Gekishin Angya video. It was later featured in their 2013 mini-album The Unraveling as a remake. [2]
  • The music video of "Garden" features a sped up version of the song (when compared to its original version on Missa).


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