Kaeng Tana National Park

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Kaeng Tana National Park
IUCN category II (national park)
Map showing the location of Kaeng Tana National Park
Map showing the location of Kaeng Tana National Park
Location within Thailand
Location Ubon Ratchathani Province, Thailand
Coordinates 15°17′50″N 105°28′25″E / 15.29722°N 105.47361°E / 15.29722; 105.47361Coordinates: 15°17′50″N 105°28′25″E / 15.29722°N 105.47361°E / 15.29722; 105.47361
Area 80 km²
Established 1981
Governing body National Park, Wildlife and Plant Conservation Department

Kaeng Tana National Park is located in Khong Chiam District in Ubon Ratchathani Province, northeastern Thailand. It is situated on the Mun River.[1] It was established on 13 July, 1981, and is an IUCN Category II protected area.[2]


The park is 80 square kilometres (31 sq mi) in size. it can be reached by two routes. The first is by taking Highway No.2222 where visitors can see a beautiful view of an island in the river. The other route is through the National Park Office along Highway No.217.

The park is characterized by plateaux and undulating hills. The highest mountain is 543 m high Khao Banthat.[3] There is deciduous dipterocarp forest and grassland covering the mountain sides.

The park’s headquarters are by Tana Rapids on the Mun River. The park's natural features include Don Tana, an island in the middle of the river; Kaeng Tana, the largest rapids of the Mun River; Tham Phra (or Tham Phu Ma Nai), a cave; Lan Pha Phueng, a sandstone terrace; as well as Namtok Rak Sai Nature Trail; and Namtok Tat Ton, a waterfall.


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